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    A little history of the Spartan Race

    What is a Spartan Race?

    In 2007, Joe De Sena, Andy Weinberg, and Julian Kopald founded the Spartan Race. The first Spartan Race event was held in 2010 at the Catamount Outdoor Center in Williston, Vermont.

    500 runners participated, all finishers received a medal, and prizes were awarded to the top athletes.

    The first to invest in the Spartan Race was Raptor Consumer Partners in 2012, then, in 2013 Reebok become the event title sponsor, and the races were renamed the "Reebok Spartan Race Series".

    ​Today, after ten years, Spartan Race has spread to Canada, Australia, Mexico, Korea and a lot of European Nations.

    In this course, you will not only run, you'll have to do it trying to overcome different obstacles.

    And each one of those it will test you physically and mentally. To use an analogy, try to imagine a military training path.

    There will be slopes, mud pits, snow trails, rivers and lakes to cross.

    Tell us you story. Why are you a Spartan?



    Spartan Race Format

    There are different Spartan Races so that you can choose the one that fits you better. These are the:

    1. Spartan Sprint - More than 20 obstacles over 3+ miles, it serves as the go-to introduction to Spartan Race.
    2. Spartan Super - More than 25 Spartan Obstacles over 8+ miles of rugged terrain, the Spartan Super spares no one.
    3.  Spartan Beast - With more than 12 miles and 30+ obstacles between you and the finish line, the Spartan Beast will test everything you’re made of.
    4. Spartan Trifecta  - Become a member of the Spartan TRIFECTA Tribe by finishing one of each Spartan distance: Sprint, Super and Beast, in a calendar year (January 1 – December 31st), anywhere in the world.
    5. Spartan Ultra Beast - The Ultra Beast will cover 26+ miles and 60 obstacles, with a few twists thrown in to keep it interesting. There is no map or details for the course.
    6. Hurricane Heat - 3 or 4 hours. As a team-based event, you'll learn the value and true meaning of having mutual objectives through teamwork.
    7. Hurricane Heat 12 Hours - Designed to test every facet of your mental, intellectual and physical abilities.
    8. Spartan Race Agoge - 60 Hours, designed to create better people by testing them physically and mentally.

    Is the Spartan Race the more grueling?

    What is a Spartan Race

    I would say yes.

    If you look at the Spartan Beast and the Ultra Beast. You'll need all the endurance you have.

    Furthermore, one of the beauties of this OCR is the mystique about the course map and which obstacles you'll have to deal with until race day. 

    This means, if you want to win, you'll have to train for all the obstacles.

    I don't know which are the obstacles???

    Exactly! The obstacles vary from race to race. And there are a lot of them.

    The more commons are fire jump, climbing under barbed wire, wall climbing, mud crawling, the "over-under-through (a series of obstacles in which runners must first climb over a wall, then under a wall, then through a square hole placed in a wall), spear throw, rope climb, Atlas Carry, Monkey Bar and more.

    There is also the possibility to partecipate in a more funny way, for example you can create a team, you can even choose a name for it.

    Another important difference from other Obstacle Course Racing; 

    Is not a teamwork, here, you are alone.

    Yes, in this race you'll find brothers and sisters, fathers and sons. The goal is to end with a smile, make a crowd selfie, back to home, take a shower and when the last bit of mud is gone you'll be already thinking of about the next race.

    Spartan Race start

    But is still a race. Oh yeah, everyone will receive a medal at the finish line, but the best runners will receive cash prizes.

    In others OCR, you hear something like: 'go ahead, no you first!'In a Spartan Race, instead: 'get out of my way!'

    How much is a Spartan Race?

    You can buy the passes for the 2017 season on the official page. These are the prices (prices can change):

  • Trifecta Pass, three races, one price at $ 299. You'll have 3 codes, valid for calendar year 2017. A free spectator pass, a free bag check, the pass is valid for all heats (including elite and comp.), valid for continental US & Hawaii Events.
  • Open season pass, unlimited races and more, at $ 649. You'll have unlimited races during the calendar year 2017. A free spectator pass, a free bag check, guaranteed entry to all events (not uaranteed heat), multi-lap discount, valid for continental US & Hawaii Events, valid for OPEN Heats only, upcharge for Elite (+$30) and Competitive (+$15).
  • Elite season pass, unlimited races and more, at $799. You'll have unlimited races during the calendar year 2017. A free spectator pass, a free bag check, guaranteed entry to all events (not uaranteed heat), multi-lap discount, valid for continental US & Hawaii Events, valid for all Heats (Elite,Comp. and Open).
  • Or... you can volunteer and run free in the last wave.
  • What to wear for a Spartan Race?

    Spartan race clothing is an important factor to consider. You don't go to the beach with a jersey, don't you?

    First rule, NO COTTON ANYTHING because absorb water. Wear synthetic clothes that wick moisture away from your body.

    I would recommend a compression shirt. Loose clothing can get snagged on obstacles, so wearing an outfit that sticks close to you can help you avoid problems.

    what is a Spartan Race

    It seems they have all chosen brown clothes!

    Pick up shoes specifically for OCRs, great trail running/mud running shoes are the number 1 thing! There are a lot of them and you can easily find them like on Amazon.

    Compression socks are a must have.

    I'm a fan of wearing gloves, (although a lot of people don't like wearing them)

    If you want to track your performanes, a GPS watch is a must have.

    PS: Bring some fresh clothes for after the race for you to change into.

    An important item, especially for the long distances is the hydration pack.

    They aren't clothes, but if you'd like to record your races, you could do it with a GoPro

    It's not something to wear but it's very handy if you have little children, a jogging stroller!

    To know more, check our reviews.

    How to train for a Spartan Race?

    Due to the unknown race course and obstacles, to be prepared, you'll have to train for all of them (or at least the majority).

    For the winter season you may want to read this: Running in winter, the right euipment to use, tips and tricks.

    You'll need to prepare for your endurance, speed, and upper and lower body strength. Furthermore, if you skip or fail any obstacle, you'll be charged with a burpee penalty. So include them in your training program.

    To improve all the different skills, you'll have to actively train five days a week.

    Train in your race outfit to make sure it is comfortable. For a more specific workout take a look at this training tips.

    spartan woman

    Who are we?

    We are a bunch of Spartan runner who want to help out especially the newbies, the ones that still don't know the adrenaline, the excitement and the satisfaction under the finish line.

    The exertion, the cramps, the bruises. The friendly atmosphere, believe me, even if you end up last, you'll be happy because the spirit is to beat your limits.

    I have a foot covered in mud on my face, but I'm still happy!
    spartan racer in the mud

    But something lured me to watch him race that year in Indiana. I watched the guys and girls of all ages and fitness levels, and I envied them. I envied their determination, their commitment and their personal success. And I started to reflect on my own lack thereof. So, that day, I decided that I wanted more from myself.

    I wanted to finish.