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The 5 hardest Spartan Race Locations

Which are the worst and hardest Spartan Race locations?

I would start answering with a simple and plain: " It's not the length, you could run 2 super and they will be surely different.

Once, I heard a guy say:" The best Spartan Races are the ones where the obstacles are the challenge, not the terrain."

Yes, I agree. But here come the difference between "hardest" and "challenging".

For my experience the hardest part of a course is the terrain. Is it cold? Is it rocky? Flat ground, hills, or mountain?

Let's start...

1) Palmerton, Pennsylvania

5 hardest spartan race locations

This one is surely one of the hardest and physically challenging.

It already test you mentally at the start line, where you can see the the mountain side and you know that it will be steep.

But it is also true that if you have set up your mind, it will fill you up with excitement and adrenaline.

On this mountain you'll find trails made basically of rock, roots, and steep inclines.

To make things more difficult, you could find a Sandbag Carry obstacle through up and down slopes.

A lot of them!

The real killer here is the mountain itself!

Oh, and I hope you know how to swim because you could find also a river to cross.

2) Killington, Vermont

killington spartan race

Vermont, where all began...

Another mountain. In 2016 there was 6000 feet of total vertical climb. That says it all!

At Killington the worst obstacles at all are the climbs, (yes, plural) because there will be more than one. In 2016, for example, the Ultra Beast consisted in two laps. Just imagine, doing the same slopes not one, but two times!

You'll probably have to deal with the frigid waters of lake "Kent pond" or one of its tributaries. And when you'll, finally, get out of the water, you'll find yourself dealing with waters and rocks in your shoes.

Definitely, Killington is one of the hardest Spartan Race.

3) Mountain Creek

Yep! A mountain, again. I don't want to sound monotonous, but if you are still reading, you already got an idea of what make hard a Spartan Race.

Ups and downs.

Also on Mountain Creek you'll probably start the race with a long climb. Just to put pressure on your muscles.

mountain creek spartan race

The obstacles are more or less the same, and the race engineers rightly use the mountain like an obstacle itself. I would do the same.

4) Tuxedo, NY

tuxedo spartan race

Tuxedo park is a beautiful sight, littered with incredible homes.

As on the others "mountain races", here you'll find the same difficulties. Slopes, treacherous trail littered with rocks. I see a lot of expert runners slow down a bit on those rocky terrain.

If you are thinking on a Barbed Wire Crawl on one of those rocky trails, you are right. You'll end up bleeding from your knees and elbows!

I think that these Spartan are a little sadistic...

5) Breckenridge

What you'll find here, probably, is a lot of snow instead of mud. Bring with you some gloves if you want to avoid frozen fingers!

breckenridge spartan race

Read our guide to run and train in winter, it's full of tips!

Elevation is intense, if you live a few feet above sea level could be hard. At high altitudes there is a lesser amount of oxigen that reaches your lungs.

Therefore, the circulatory system brings less oxygen to the muscle tissue, causing a drop in their efficiency.

Running at altitude is a very different experience!

Let us know what you think in the comments. Do you agree with us? Are these the hardest Spartan Race locations?

Last tip: if you are going after a long race, make sure to bring with you a hydration backpack!

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