The best compression shorts for a Spartan Race in 2018 reviewed

    You should wear mud run shorts, simple as that.

    In my first races, I didn't wear ocr compression shorts, but after seeing many of the elite runners, and not just them, wearing compression gears, I had to change my mind. I picked and reviewed for you the best compression shorts for a spartan race in 2018.

    Now I use them and I can tell the difference, there are both practical advantages and mental, with the last equally useful.

    Let's see why:

    • Compression shorts support the muscle motion during running, this reduces the amount of energy you are consuming.
    • In sprinting, these shorts assist the hamstrings. Furthermore, by compressing the muscle tissue, they can delay post-soreness.
    • There is an improved blood circulation throughout your race. Also, an increased amount of lactate retained in muscles, meaning less lactate into the blood. Remember, lactate impacts on fatigue.
    • And another very useful benefit is that compression shorts help cool the body by wicking sweat from the body and allowing it to disperse faster.

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    **Disclaimer: Our revie​​​​​​​​​​​​​ws are based mostly on (1) our expertise and that of our experts with whom we consult and (2) informations provided by the manufacturers. We do test some of the products, but we can't test them all. As such, please remember, these recommendations are our opinions.

    OCR Shorts reviews

    Under Armour men's HeatGear Compression shorts

    Made of 84% polyester, and 16% elastane, a UPF 30+ protection from sun rays, 4-way stretch fabrication that allows greater mobility in any direction and a Moisture Transport System that wicks sweat & dries fast.

    The quality of this material is very good and they eliminate any leg chafing and can be used for any sporting activity.

    These shorts fits very well with a good amount of compression. There is 1" too much material on top, and if like me, you don't want it, you can easily resolve it by folding the waistband.

    In conclusion, these are very good shorts but there is one more thing to say, most people complain about the loss of quality of the Under Armour than the early days of this company.

    Some years ago they were excellent (I don't personally know because I didn't prove it) and now they are only good.

    Under Armour Women's Compression shorts

    The specifics of this product say 100% other fibers, not really helping in this case. A good compression fit that increases muscle power and decreases recovery time.

    They are lightweight, with 4-way stretch construction that improves mobility and accelerates dry time. A Moisture Transport System that wicks sweat away to keep you cool and dry. And a hidden pocket to stash your stuff.

    They fit very well and are easy to wear, a gross tip is to skip the underwear when wearing these because they have a reinforced crotch. If you do and there is a see-through wear something over.

    The design is poor and they are not flattering but this isn't really a big problem!

    Tesla men's Cool Dry Compression shorts

    The Tesla's shorts are made of 87% polyester and 13% spandex.A UPF 50+ protection against the ultraviolet rays.

    They have an excellent elasticity and flat-lock seam provide comfort and protection.

    They work great for the post-race recovery, thanks to the good compression and hence to the blood circulation.

    These shorts dry faster and there is a two-way air circulation that keeps out unpleasant odors.

    In general fits well and is comfortable, and the low price adds value to these shorts.

    There is only one generally complain about the size to choose, many claims to order a bigger size because they are small.

    2XU men's Compression shorts

    These ones are made of lycra-bend and a UPF 50+ ultraviolet protection.

    Due to an optimal compression, these shorts provide a lot of benefits, they wrap all the leg supporting all the major muscles, increasing blood circulation, reducing fatigue, and increasing power.

    The graduated compression, with higher levels in the lower leg, encourages maximum blood flow return toward the heart.

    The post-race recovery is excellent. Furthermore, these tights help regulate your body temperature keeping you cooler when it's hot and warmer when it's cool.

    Yes, the price is high, but you have to consider that they cover your legs completely.

    Baleaf Women's 7" Active Fitness

    Made of 80% Nylon and 20% spandex, these shorts are lightweight and breathable.

    They wick away moisture and dry quickly, fit well and there is a back pocket too.

    They are thin and a little see-through when you squat, so I suggest to wear something over them.

    The leg length is perfect, the compression is good, they stay put, and NO chafing anywhere.

    In the end, due to the price very affordable, they worth a shot.

    CW-X Women's Conditioning Wear shorts

    The CW-X are made of 80% Coolmax, 20% Lycra, and a UPF 50+ for UVA/UVB protection.

    They support very well throughout thighs area, with great compression, and the material is nice and thick.

    They have a small key pocket in the front which I find much more useful than a pocket in the back.

    The price is high than other shorts.

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