Best compression socks for a spartan race in 2018. 

    best compression socks for a spartan race

    Best Compression Socks for a Spartan Race
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    Hi warriors, today we will talk about the best compression socks for a Spartan Race in 2018, and why they are so important. Probably they are also the most underestimated accessories.

    Did you wear cotton socks and ended the race with 200 pounds each foot?

    Did you end up with bruises on the calf?

    Let's find a solution for your feet.

    Let's find you the best ocr socks in 2018. 

    The right obstacle race gear in an OCR is very important and mud run socks are essentials, for a series of reason:

    1. They can assist your blood circulation.
    2. There is a decreased post-exercise soreness.
    3. A psychological benefit.

    For more detailed info look here.

    Before diving in the reviews, I want to give you a chart with basic data, just for all of you that don't want to read more.  

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    How do compression socks work?

    OCR gear compression socks are used for a variety of benefits, from reduced swelling of you legs, recover from a variety of disease to runners that use them to increase blood flow and reduce calf pumps and cramps.

    best compression socks for a spartan race in 2017

    Goal of compression

    Compression imitates the pumping action of your muscles. Normally, your leg muscles pump up the blood back to the heart.

    But if you have some disease like edema, lymphedema, varicose veins and others, your body isn't able to push up the blood as it should be.

    The compression socks help you doing it. Here's a brief video that explains it.

    **Below, you'll find our reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

    **Disclaimer: Our reviews are based mostly on (1) our expertise and that of our experts with whom we consult and (2) informations provided by the manufacturers. We do test some of the products, but we can't test them all. As such, please remember, these recommendations are our opinions.

    Spartan Race socks

    How to correctly put on a compression sock.

    MudGear Compression socks

    MudGear compression socks

    These socks are made of 67% nylon, 28% polyester, and 9% spandex.

    The MudGear socks are made with the OCR race in minds, I gave them 5 stars because they are really good. I have tried them personally and they are awesome.

    Continue to the detailed review here. For women too.

    Vitalsox Race & Recovery Graduated Compression socks

    Vitalsox recovery socks

    Made of 75% of silver drystat, 15% Lycra, 10% Nylon.

    Thanks to the silver embedded in the fabric, bacteria, fungus and excess moisture are keeping out.

    Continue to the detailed review hereFor women too.

    Balega Enduro V-Tech

    Balega enduro V-tech

    These socks are made of 69% Drynamix polyester, 29% Nylon, and 2% Elastane.

    Drynamix fibers do an excellent work to manage the moisture. And their mesh construction does a really good work on the ventilation. Moreover, they are light on your feet.

    Continue to the detailed review here.


    Now you have your pair of best socks for a Spartan Race in 2018, aroo!

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