The best gloves for Spartan Race in 2018 - UPDATED 11-25-2017

    best gloves for a spartan race

    Best gloves for a Spartan Race comparison chart

    Hey Spartan! I've done a lot of races and every time I hear someone asking if you should wear and/or which are the best gloves for Spartan Race.

    There were no easy solution to this matter since everyone has is opinion.

    Well, I wanted to have mine so I tested 4 gloves and find the best one for me, the MadGrip F100 (to be honest, the gloves for women were tested by a friend of mine).

    Want to know what I discovered?

    On some obstacles or in some environment like winter, gloves come handy. In other

    What's the solution?
    You can put on your gloves when you need it and take it off when you don't.

    **Below, you'll find our reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

    **Disclaimer: Our reviews are based mostly on (1) our expertise and that of our experts with whom we consult and (2) informations provided by the manufacturers. We do test some of the products, but we can't test them all. As such, please remember, these recommendations are our opinions.

    Gloves for Spartan Race

    Mad Grip F100 Pro Palm Gloves

    mad grip F100 gloves

    Half rubber and half polyester. The Mad Grip F100 does protect your hands from splinters and blisters, as well as cold and wetness.

    On relatively good conditions the grip is optimal, even with mud or water. Here too, many complain that they are slippery when wet, but always remember, against tons of mud or heavy rain, gloves don’t do miracles.

    Continue to the detailed review here.

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    Spartan Race Warriors T-shirts

    100& Combed and ring-spun cotton

    4.3 ounce and 30 singles

    Rib-knit Crew neck

    Double needle sleeves and hem

    The F4X Spartan Full Leather Palm

    F4X spartan in action

    The F4X Spartan is made entirely of leather. From the manufacturer’s specifics, in spite of the name “Spartan”, the F4X are better for the gym, specifically for weights, pull-ups, ropes, rings etc.

    But, having said that, this product can be use on the field too.

    Continue to the detailed review here.

    Under Armour Men's CTR Trainer HF Gloves

    Under armour trainer glove palm

    Microfiber Synthetic: 54% Nylon/46% Polyurethane, this is the fabric for the CTR Trainer HF.

    I use these for Spartan races, they are light, comfortable and with a great grip. After several races they still look new.

    Continue to the detailed review here.

    Under Armour Women's Flux

    under armour womens gloves

    The Under Armour Women’s Flux are very comfortable, with the right amount of cushions.

    The grip is very good, obviously, you have to consider that if there is a lot of mud, there is no kind of gloves on heart that can help you. But, in more normal condition, they do their job.

    Continue to the detailed review here.

    Our tips and tricks on Spartan Race gloves

    There are different kind of gloves, some are better than others, (use our review and the video to get a better feel on the matter).

    For some people, a pair of good grip gloves can help.

    In winter, for example, you really need them on your hands. Iced fingers hurt and are useless.

    Instead, with the rain, they could be very slippery. 

    In my experience, they are helpful, but you don't need to wear them all along the race.

    You can tuck them away, and put them on only when needed.

    When and why you should wear obstacle course gloves

    Useful when:

    • You need grip on rope obstacles and to prevent rope burn.
    • To avoid splinters, bruising and other injury.
    • To protect your hands from rough obstacle components like chain, wood, cinder block.
    • Helps when crawling over rocky surfaces or doing burpees in the dirt.
    • In cold races, they can keep your hands warmer.

    Put them away when:

    • The obstacles are really wet or covered in mud.
    • It's raining, not all but some gloves can hold water.
    • When you need the feeling of your hands, like in the Spear throw.

    A little tip, you don't have to search for specific ocr gloves, you can try also crossfit gloves, as the ones below.


    We think that these are the best Spartan gloves of 2018. Let us know what you think on the comments below.

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