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Which is the best GoPro to buy for Spartan Race

Which is the best GoPro to buy for Spartan Race

Which is the best GoPro to buy for Spartan Race

Surely, you must have seen some runner with a camera on his head or chest. And maybe you've asked yourself, why carry more weight, why are they doing this?

Wouldn't you like to show everybody (family, friends, or your youtube subscribers) your passion?

A good way to do it is using a GoPro. ​

But which is the best GoPro to buy?

Well, take a look with us at the latest models + a non-GoPro camera that's not so bad.

What you'll find in this article is:

  1. GoPro HERO6 review
  2. GoPro HERO5 review
  3. GoPro HERO4 review
  4. Akaso EK 7000 review
  5. Best GoPro head mount
  6. Best shoulder mount
  7. Best GoPro chest mount
  8. Best GoPro backpack strap mount
  9. The mouth mount

There are different versions, it depends on your wallet, on what do you want to do with the footage, is it for you and your friends or for your Youtube channels?

Keep in mind that if you want to buy a larger battery pack, you'll need the latest models.

The head camera for running is the most popular choice, but it's not the only one. I have tried some of them and I offer you some of my personal experience.

GoPro HERO 6 Black review

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Automatically connection with your phone where you can edit the video.

HERO6 Black delivers 2x the performance compared to HERO5 Black thanks to a 4K at 60 frames per second 1080p footage at 240 fps. With an all-new GP1 chip optimized for GoPro capture, HERO6 Black delivers vastly improved image quality.

A really good video stabilization, HERO6 Black captures super smooth footage, whether it’s handheld or mounted to your gear. HERO6 Black is waterproof to 33ft (10m) without a housing.

The 2-inch display makes it easy to frame shots, change settings and playback footage.

Featuring 5GHz Wi-Fi, you can copy photos and videos over to your phone 3x faster than with HERO5 Black.

In terms of design, it doesn't differ from HERO5, and that's ok for us since we liked the 5th release.

The HERO6 fit with all the previous accessories, so if you have it, you're good to go.

The quality of the video is great, both day and in the evening.
Really, the only con is the price that's a little bit high!

GoPro HERO 5 Session review

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Also the HERO5 shoot at 4K but at 30 frames per second and 1080 footage at 90 fps. The video quality is amazing!

A good stabilization that you can improve with the right mount.
The Voice Control is super handful, just say "GoPro, start recording" and voilà, and it works reliably!

HERO5 Session is waterproof to 33 feet (10m) without a housing.
With a GoPro Plus subscription, HERO5 Session can automatically upload photos and videos directly to the cloud for easy viewing, editing and sharing on the go.

Lots of fine-tuning options (in-app).
In the event that you exceed the limits of its ruggedness, you can replace the screwed lens.

The only con is the performance in the low-light.

GoPro HERO 4 Black review

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Video capture resolution at 4K at 30 frames per second combined with 1080p120 and 720p240 slow motion.
Waterproof to 131 feet (40 meters).

HERO4 BLACK delivers a really sharper footage, richer and more detailed than the previous versions.

HERO4 Black features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to connect to the GoPro App, Smart Remote and more. The GoPro App transforms your phone or tablet into a live video remote for your camera, offering full control of all functions and settings.

If you /think/ you're interested in using your GoPro to make more serious footage (but don't have any experience yet), pick the version of the Silver that best suits your budget.

Note that the 4 Silver has a touchscreen back to help you frame your shots - that alone is worth the $100 if you can afford it.
And if you're already a heavy GoPro user, get the Black.

Akaso EK7000 review

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I know you were looking for a GoPro, but take a look at this one.
The AKASO EK7000 features ultra HD 4K video recording. You can capture stunning 4K 25fps/2.7K 30fps/1080P 60fps video.

Built-in WiFi, allowing you to connect to the smartphone, tablet, computer and more to share via text, email, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You can control the camera from distances of up to 50-feet (15-meters).

It certainly has some quirks and a learning curve, but it works great and definitely can't beat the price, under $100!

Some basic tips when running with a GoPro

Occasionally check to see if there is mud covering the lens.

Don't record everything, first because your battery won't last to the finish line, second because the long stretches between obstacles are boring.
Record only the obstacle, the start, the finish line and if you'll find it, something unusual or funny.

In the editing phase, make sure to keep the video short, from 2 and a half to 5 minutes is the ideal.

If you lose it, it will be almost impossible to find it again in the mud water, so put a sticker on it with your credential and your cell number.

GoPro accessories

You can't help but to buy a mount for your new GoPro, you can think about running a Spartan Race holding your camera in your hands!

Best GoPro head mount

GoPro Headstrap Mount

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You film what you're looking at, point the camera a little downward, otherwise, you'll end up with a video full of trees and clouds.

From GoPro 3 up you have the possibility to connect the camera to your smartphone, so you can adjust it without taking it off.

Stable, when you run with it try to avoid sudden movements.
On the head, the lens is better protected from mud, but remember, before jumping underwater hold it with a hand or take it off to get a selfie jump.

The GoPro Headstrap Mount includes a Head Strap and a QuickClip for a variety of head-mounting options. Fully adjustable to fit all sizes, the Head Strap can be worn over a helmet or directly on your head.

The QuickClip can be used to attach your GoPro to a backwards baseball cap or other 3 millimeters to 10-millimeter thick object.

Compatibility: all GoPro cameras.

STUNTMAN Shoulder Mount

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With this mount, you can tightly secure the camera, however, it can be submerged into water easily.

On some obstacle the view is limited. an example, under the barbed wire you will film only the dirt. A solution is to take it off and crawl with the camera in one hand.

Best GoPro chest mount

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It's stable and comfortable, and you can easily access the camera controls.

But it's not my favorite, the lens gets really muddy everytime you find yourself in the water (often), really uncomfortable during crawling and climbing.

The Chesty makes it easy to capture immersive video and photos from, well. .. your chest.
It's perfect if you want a more engaging, lower-than-the-helmet view of the action. You'll capture more of your arms, knees.

Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of adult sizes. The Junior Chesty is available for kids and adolescents.

Compatibility: all GoPro cameras.

Best GoPro backpack strap mount

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My favorite one is the backpack mount, obviously, you need a backpack (check our hydration backpacks review), is the cheapest and the footage will have a different angle.

An added pro is that you can easily put some dry towel in the backpack to clean the GoPro lens, believe me, you'll need it!

This is a great product. It is very portable and durable. The clip will bite down on anything and you won't have to worry about it failing.
Works great on your backpack shoulder straps or even the snap of your caps for a great pov shot.

The mouth mount

Click to check the price on Amazon

This is really awkward, I didn' try it, but who knows, maybe you'd like it!

So which is the best GoPro camera for racing in a Spartan Race?

Our choice is the HERO6, but the price is high. However, every HERO is a good camera and you won't regret your purchase. If your budget is low, go for the AKASO.

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