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What to eat before Spartan Race

Proper nutrition goes hand-in-hand with physical performance as well as recovery after every physical activity.

A strong mind and body could never be achieved without the right nourishment, which would only be obtained from the food you take (and the right timing of your meals).

As all seasoned Spartan racers advise, “Eat like a Spartan to perform like one.

Start being more mindful of your food intake the moment you start training for the race. Remember that good nutrition can either make or break your training/race performance.

Feed the beast in you by eating right and constantly hydrating your body.

Begin by consuming easily digested carbohydrates combined with a blend of protein so you can have the right amount of energy your body will need.

During every training/workout (and during the race itself), it is important to replenish your energy level through electrolyte-carbohydrate beverage or gummies/simple sugars every hour.

Eating right is not sufficient, a proper workout routine is essential! And if you are a complete beginner, I suggest you to read also "5 tips for Spartan Race beginner"

5 principles in Spartan eating

1. Do not eat processed food. Ancient Spartans were never exposed to soda, cookies, candies, chips, cereals, hotdogs, and other types of processed food.

To replicate their ideal diet, avoid food groups that come with less nutritional value and more on unwanted chemicals.

2. Do occasional fasting. Eating nothing for about 16 hours to 24 hours at times may be good for your system.

3. Go organic. Fortunately, this is the age when more people are turning to organic types of food—those that have not undergone chemical or industrial processing like organic vegetables, fruits, grains, and even meats.

4. Eat only when you are hungry. Hunger is a natural mechanism that serves as a cue that the body needs nutrients to do its functions properly.

Thus, nothing else knows when to consume food than your own body. Do not force it to enjoy food when it still has not given the signal to eat.

5. Be flexible. The human body is designed to eat generally any type of natural food. As long as you do not overindulge, it would always be healthy to eat especially before any tedious physical activity.

Something different for women

Female racers should consume more food rich in iron like lean meats, beans, fish, leafy greens, and fortified grains.

This is because biologically, they have a different level of testosterone and estrogen compared to male racers.

They have up to 11% higher body fat compared to men, thus, requiring less overall calories but have a higher need for iron as they lose a great amount of the nutrient when they undergo monthly menstruation.

Ideal meals before, during, and after Spartan Race

Pre-Race Meal (an hour or two before training/race)
A slice of whole-grain bread with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, 1 piece of banana, and a cup of milk.

What to Take during Training/Race
Electrolyte replenishment drink (Gatorade or any alternative) and protein bars.

Post-Race Meal (30 minutes to an hour after training/race)
Protein shake and roasted pistachios. Whey protein in the shake helps repair muscles and supplies important nutrients for fast and effective recovery.

Hoping this post is helpful, I want also know what do you eat? Other suggestion? Let me know in the coments below 🙂

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