Hercules Hoist obstacle, how to overcome it!

    Hercules Hoist obstacle

    The Hercules Hoist obstacle is one of those who can take away what remain of your energy.

    But with the right technique, you can conquer it!

    How much does the Hercules Hoist weight?

    Basically, it consists in grab a rope and pull up a weight of 90lb (70 for the women).

    Once at the top, you must lower it slowly, If that weight slams to the ground, you just earned yourself 30 burpees.

    So, the Spartan Hercules Hoist Technique?


    First of all, you need a strong upper body and a solid grip. Then, starting from a standing position, grab the rope with both hands and squat.


    Once on the ground, raise only your hands to grab the rope at a higher point. When you have done it, let the weight help you to return to the standing position.​

    Repeat, repeat, repeat until the weight is at the top.

    The right pair of gloves could help.

    Racer Instructions:

    • Pull the rope to raise the weight until the knot or weight reaches the top.
    • Lower the weight slowly and under control, without releasing the rope, until weight reaches the ground.

    Failure Modes:

    • Failure to fully raise the weight.
    • Dropping the weight.
    • Elite racers that help each other.

    Failure Penalty:

    • 30 Burpees

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