How to overcome obstacles in a Spartan Race 

    Why don't look at how to overcome obstacles in a Spartan Race and be prepared! Nobody knows which are until race day, so the best you can do is to train for each of them! 

    What kind of obstacles are in the Spartan Race?

    There are commons obstacles like fire jump, climbing under barbed wire, wall climbing, mud crawling, the "over-under-through ,spear throw, rope climb, heavy object carries, "Herculean Hoist", "Tyrolean Traverse", monkey bars, Traversal Wall. 

    And some less common like: Hobie Hop , Slippery Wall , a zig-zag log jump, steep mud climbs, tractor pulls, underwater submerging below walls , Atlas carries, tire flips, stump balances , rope swing, and the now discontinued Gladiator Arena.

    Overcome obstacles is essential to avoid wasting time because every time you fail to complete one results in a 30 burpees penalty.

    Spartan Race obstacles list 2018:

    1. Tyre Flipping obstacle - In the Tyre Flipping obstacle you'll have to flip a tractor tyre. It won’t be so heavy but you have to know how to tip over it correctly. Don't lift the tyre only with your arms strength! Read more on the article.
    2. Tyrolean Traverse obstacle - Without technique, the tyrolean traverse can be hard. put the rope between the feet and use the legs to push. Check the article to learn more.
    3. Traverse Wall obstacle - Depending on conditions, ( the wheater, how much runners doing it simultaneously, etc.), each one of these things can change the level of difficulty. The Traverse Wall can be very slippery!
    4. Wall Jump obstacle - If you are able to do some pull-up, then you won't have problems. Go to the page to learn the technique.
    5. Barbed Wire Crawl obstacleThe Barbed Wire Crawl obstacle is the slowest, and its difficult depends on a variety of causes. They can be the slope, the barbed wire height and if the terrain is mud or rocky hard.
    6. Spear Throw Obstacle obstacle - The Spear Throw obstacle is the symbol of the Spartan Races, but the 86% fail it. Learn some technique and fall in the 14%!
    7. Atlas Carry Obstacle obstacle - You are going to want to get real low to the ground to grab that stone!
    8. Bucket Brigade Obstacle obstacle - An exhausting obstacle that tests your muscular endurance and your hand grip.
    9. Fire Jump Obstacle obstacle - The Fire Jump obstacle is all for the glory! It means that you did it!!
    10. Hercules Hoist Obstacle obstacle - The Hercules Hoist obstacle is one of those who can take away what remain of your energy. Learn how to avoid that!
    11. Over Under Through Obstacle obstacle - The Over Under Through obstacle is not so difficult, you can pass through it easily. Obviously, you want to do it fast. Follow these tips and you'll make up some time.
    12. Rope Climb Obstacle obstacle - Learn the Gym Class Technique, or the Brake and Squat. Which is better?
    13. Tire Drag Obstacle obstacle - First, you have to pick up the tire and take it far away until the rope is fully extended. Return to the rope attachment point, sit down, the butt must be on the ground, grab the rope and start to drag the tire. Check the article and the video tutorial!
    14. Monkey Bar obstacle - One of the most difficult obstacles to overcome throughout a Spartan Race.