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Micheal Blye -  #IamSpartan Because

This is a question that should be easy to answer, is it the thrill of the competition, the desire to push your mind and body to the breaking point, or just having fun playing in the mud?

I started running races with my wife for fun, but after my first race, I wanted more. So I ran another and another constantly wanting to get better until it has turned into an obsession that I train for everyday.

I have always been an athletic and competitive person, and this sport has allowed me to compete, at the age of 38, with some of the best athletes in the world.

So I can’t choose just one reason, this is the greatest sport ever invented, and I am thankful that I have the will to compete, the ability to race at a high level, and the support system at home to be the best racer I can be.

Renate Kaufmann -  #IamSpartan Because

Spartan racing changed my life, fears and overcome being uncomfortable.

Every time I stand in front of the starting line at a Spartan, thousands of feelings going through me: what I'm doing here, can I do this, hopefully I don't put myself to shame out there, etc.

But as soon as the aroo sign goes off, and they send us out I know I'm in the right place, and I'm gonna have fun, even though if I miss an obstacle and have to do 30 burpees.

Every race is different and challenging. I never know what waits for me out there, just one thing I know, the people out there are amazing. That's one of the reasons too why I am Spartan.

I've learned so much since I've started running Spartan races and learned a lot about overcoming fears and just be me out there. Testing my strength and endurance, Overcome the fears of obstacles. But most of it, I always have fun and a smile on my face when I run a Spartan race.

That's why I am Spartan 😉 aroo

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