Monkey Bar gloves
    Why you should use it, or maybe not?

    monkey bar gloves

    The Monkey Bars are among the toughest obstacle to overcome in a Spartan Race. Overcoming it takes strength, perseverance, and technique to push through. People train specific areas of the body, and some use special Monkey Bar gloves to improve grip.

    The important skills needed to master the obstacle is grip strength, core strength, coordination, and agility.

    Most people fail to overcome the obstacle due to several reasons such as not getting enough grip on the bars, slippery hands, not enough arm strength, etc.

    But how to know which are the best gloves for Monkey Bars?

    This guide will help you on that, just keep reading.

    The right exercises for the Monkey Bars

    Special exercises to overcome the Monkey Bars is targetted to develop and strengthen the wrist and fingers, the core, the hips, the lats, rhomboids, and scapular.

    These exercises include:

    • Pull-ups and its variations such as - dead hang and scapular pull-ups
    • Bear C​​​​​rawls
    • Hollow Hold
    • Body rows
    • Band pull aparts

    Aside from this, some people suggest that using special gloves during the Monkey Bars obstacle can help as well.

    Using gloves can not only protect the hands from cold and mud during the Spartan Race but also help improve grip when tackling the Monkey Bars obstacle.

    And my personal advice are the ​Spartan Race OCR Slit Grip Gloves​​​

    Although using gloves help in some ways, other people often suggest not using them and recommend using just bare hands in Monkey Bars as the best option for success.


    Some of the disadvantages of using Monkey Bar gloves are as follows:

    • can get heavy due to wet and mud
    • cannot let you feel your grip
    • sometimes can get slippery, making it difficult grabbing onto the Monkey Bars
    • hassle to get rid of when no longer useful
    Spartan Race Monkey bars

    For conquering the Monkey Bars though, having the proper preparation and training with or without gloves is not enough for success. Proper technique is also needed in addition to all those mentioned.

    The right Monkey Bar technique

    Several techniques that prove useful in Monkey Bars are as follows:

    • tightly gripping the Monkey Bars
    • avoid swaying the body too much especially side to side
    • swaying the body forward to gain momentum when moving on to the next bars one at a time
    • if possible keeping a fast pace to avoid tiring the arms

    In conquering the Monkey Bars, it is important to get a good grip to avoid falling off and avoid swaying too much especially side to side to avoid causing injury.

    Moving onto Monkey Bars by swaying the body forward for momentum makes it easier to transition to the next bar. And keeping a fast pace in the Monkey Bars is a good technique to avoid the arms getting tired and overused.

    The Monkey Bars are one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome throughout a Spartan Race.

    Having in mind the needed training to be done, techniques to be used, with or without gloves, can help one succeed in overcoming the obstacle.

    Also with the right attitude, perseverance, and hard work any obstacle in the Spartan Race can be conquered including the Monkey Bars.

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