What to wear to the races in winter

The right Spartan kit to run in cold weather

Winter is coming...
Should be this an excuse to stay on the couch?
The answer is no.
Not only there are a lot of races during the winter season, but a lot of you out there live in places covered in snow.

So don't give up on your training, running in cold wheater is possible, just follow these simple tips, gear up with the right equipment, and you are ready to go!

For the ones that want to skip sections, here what we'll cover in the article, every bullet point is clickable.

The warm-up

It's simple, you can't go running outside in winter without a warm-up, this is really important, cold makes your muscles more vulnerable to injuries.

Five to ten minutes are more than enough because you don't want to start sweating before crossing the doorstep. How to do it it's up to you, a few examples are going up and down your stairs, rope jumping, jumping jacks.

Add some short stretching exercises for the major muscle groups.

The right workout

Winter is not made for speed, so work for your stamina.
Focus on maintaining a steady pace, your main concern is to keep your head, feet, and hands warm.

Tips: if you find yourself running in the dark, make sure to have a headlamp or/and reflective vests.

Post run

After the run, go somewhere warm as quickly as possible, your home or a bar, take a shower if you can or change into warm and dry clothes. Drink something hot and relax.

What to do with your shoes? Don't put them on the radiator to dry, instead, stuff them with newspaper that will absorb all the moisture. Replace the newspaper after two hours.

Clothes for running in the winter

We'll cover that from head to toe. But first, a simple rule to follow, the onion strategy.

A first layer consisting in breathable underwear, it'll absorb the sweat and then it will convey it out, away from your body.
A second layer to regulate your body heat. And a third layer to protect you from the cold, as a windproof jacket.

Winter running gear

Best winter running hats

A human being loses 30% of his body heat from the head, you must cover it.

The Nike Unisex Train Sphere Training Beanie uses the Dri-FIT Technology that keeps your head dry, it's light and comfortable.

Nice additions are the reflective elements to keep you visible on low-light runs.

Craft Men's Active Skull Hat

100% Polyester, great moisture transportation. Light and comfortable.

If you are prone to wear a balaclava try this one, the ​​Tough Headwear Balaclava Windproof Mask​​​ 

It protects you against the elements while wicking away moisture and the fleece lining retains heat. Stay seen, this balaclava is designed with small reflective logos on the front, sides, and back.

Always from Tough Headware, this running winter mask. 

Tough Headwear Half Balaclava Mask


For the first layer we suggest either the Under Armour Evo Coldgear Compression Mock

or the Icebreaker Men's Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe Top

Both keep your temperature just right.

For the second layer use one of the shirt you have, better if is a compression shirt.

Winter running jackets

A good windproof jacket is essential to keep your torso and arms away from the cold. You can find a lot of them in your near store, we have picked up some that we like.


made of 100% polyester, with reflective elements for visibility in low light.

OUTON Men's Jacket Windproof

windproof AND waterproof, warm and lightweight with reflective logos on the chest and back.

Cold weather tights

If you think that only superheroes wear tights, you're wrong. To beat the cold, you should too!

Thermal winter running tights are super in wicking moisture and more important in blocking the wind. They also provide some form of compression, helping the circulation, supporting your muscles.

A pair of tights that do a great job is the ​Tesla Men's Thermal Wintergear Compression Baselayer Tights​​​

ASICS Men's Thermopolis LT Tights

 they will keep you dry!

Best socks for running in winter

For the socks, look for moisture wicking and cushioning. Better if made with merino wool. The following ones do a great job.

Snow running shoes

Find the best shoes for running in winter can be tricky, as a rule of thumb, look for waterproof shoes with plenty of ankle support. Trail running shoes as the ones that you already own are good enough.

But if you want more grip (especially if there is snow) than you need some spikes under your feet as the Icebug Icebug Men's DTS2 GTX BUGrip have.

If you had doubts about what to wear to the races in winter, we hope to have solved them, if not, let us know in the comments!

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