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What is the Spartan Race Agoge? 

what is the spartan race agoge

So, what is the Spartan Race Agoge (pronounced ah-go-ghee)?

Good question!!

There is a veil of mystery about this race, that because the people who join it make a sort of "pact of silence". But with a little of perseverance, we have picked up all the breadcrumbs they have left behind.

Now you can stop to do "web zapping" because all the info available are here on this post.

Let's start with a little history, although if you want, you can skip directly at the modern Spartan RaceAgoge.

All male Spartan citizens, except for the firstborn son in the ruling houses, had to grow through the Agoge. A rigorous education and training program.

Thanks to this program the Spartans achieved great ability in a variety of fields like stealth, loyalty, military training, hunting, dancing, singing, and social preparation.

The aim of the system was to produce strong and capable warriors to serve in the Spartan army.


Sparta had no defensive walls because these men would become the "walls of Sparta".

Reference: Wikipedia

What is the Spartan Race Agoge today?

The Spartan Agoge it's a race, and it's not.

It's a race because De Sena called it that.

But the great difference between the Spartan Race Agoge and the now dead Death Race is that in the Agoge everyone can be the winner.

The Death Race was about breaking people. Agoge is about building better people.

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There are rules, obviously, but we will see them later.

The distance of this race is measured with time and it is 60 hours long. But from the same mouth of De Sena

I’m actually going to give people an ability to tap out gracefully, everybody signs up for the 60.

But at 24 they can tap out and say they completed the 24 as opposed to not finishing.

At 48 they can tap out and say they completed the 48.

To make it those 12 extra hours they’re going to have to be prepared to climb Everest, it’s going to be that level to get through the 60.

De Sena

So you can complete the Agoge at 24, 48 or at 60 hours, and take home your medal. A stone hand carved tablet and a coin upon completion.

For Example, the Agoge 000 finished at 48 hrs. As one of the finishers said:

" There were only 2-3 people at hour 48 that had the physical gas to go further".

Another interesting thing he said is:

"Not everyone that makes it the full length has finished the event. It's about what you get out of it. A physical stud could fail the event for being a shitty person."

That's important, in the Agoge you don't compete against the other. There are teams and you have to collaborate with your teammates to pass the trials.

Need to say that there are also individual obstacles to overcome.

But which are the obstacles in the Spartan Race Agoge?

Expect to carry a lot of weights, a sort of paintball guns war, between the teams, but also learn how to climb, how to rappel, how to start a fire, how to eat in sub-zero temperatures (for the Winter Agoge).


You'll learn how to survive in the worst conditions and you'll sleep very little.

But from the words of the participants, you'll come out renewed. A stronger person.

Which gear do you need for the Agoge?

Although on the registration page, they recommend bringing one week of food, they'll take it away. I think of it as the first test.

For the rest, there's no clue, except to bring with you only what you really need. Because you'll have to carry it all the way.

How do you prepare for a Spartan Agoge?

Start thinking that you'll stay on your feet for a long time. Train in the dark or at night. Train a lot on the hills.

The best workout is the sandbag or bucket carry.

night running

A good training session could be a 12-hour Hurricane Heat.

What do you need to sign up for the Agoge?

First, you have to apply and send a list of references, like a military training, or have completed a handful of Spartan Races or other obstacle courses as the Ironman and the like.

You must be a badass before going to the Agoge.

The latest info is the price of the Agoge.

Over 300 bucks.

It's no small thing, but who did it come out renewed. They all claim that they will do it again.

In general, it's about finding your true north and getting the most out of it.

It will surely change you somehow, and for the better.

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