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    Surfing the net I found an inspiring interview about a mom with post-natal depression and some extra weight, about how she casually found the Spartan Race and how it change her life, for better.

    I really recommend you to read Julianne's story. And if you are a parent, don't miss out our jogging stroller round up.


    Hello everyone, and welcome at our first video interview.

    Thanks to Dallas! Check out his youtube channels for a lot of tips on Spartan Races and his trainings.


    This time, when I was researching someone to interview for you (my readers), I was looking for something more than a Spartan Athlete, I wanted someone that could give you not only inspiration but useful tips too. I think I found him.

    Ben Greenfield is "a biohacker, human body and brain performance coach, ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, professional Spartan athlete, anti-aging consultant, speaker and author of the New York Times Bestseller “Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health and Life”.

    In 2013 and 2014 was named by Greatist as one of the top 100 Most Influential People In Health And Fitness. His podcast and videos reach over a million unique views each month.

    ​How did you cross the Spartan Race world?

    I first discovered Spartan when I was racing Iron Man triathlons. And I wanted to do some type of a cross training event and when I jumped into my first Spartan Race and couldn't climb the rope, could barely carry a bucket.

    Definitely, couldn't throw a spear!

    And I think I had passed by the female crowd about 20 minutes into the race. I realized that I had a lot to work on when it came to full body functional fitness and Spartan racing was one of the first ways to do that.


    So I really started delving hard core into racing Spartans as a way to make my body a lot better than it actually was to address fitness deficits that I had over built up over years of chronic repetitive motion training in a triathlon.

    ​When you first started Spartan Races what did you expect?

    When I first started Spartan racing I expected that I do really well because I had a big aerobic engine and I certainly could go for a long period of time.

    But I found that I didn't have the strength, the power, the speed, the skills and so I was unpleasantly shocked when it came to realize that I had a lot of work to do despite having a lot of endurance.

    Currently, I train for Spartan or just training in general in terms of cross training for about an hour each day.

    ​How, where, and how much did you train?

    That's a range of everything from obstacle course training style workouts to swimming cycling and running which I still love to do, a lot of hiking with my kids.

    I train using a lot of little bile hacks like vibration platforms and infrared. So on a cold pool.

    You know trampolines and elastic bands and the electrical muscle stimulation a lot of things that allow me to get a little bit more bang for my body.

    I also experiment with biohacking which is part of my job to figure out of the things that help people to achieve faster results and less time and then to try those out to implement them in my own training and kind of tell people what works and what doesn't.

    But the base that comes out to about an hour a day that I train and I typically just run about twice a week for very short distances I've had my DNA tested and my body responds much much better to short powerful efforts than it does to long endurance upwards.

    That's primarily what I do with regarding that. So my training routine you know in a typical week I would lift weights doing like explosive kettlebell and plyometric barbell sandbagger and Sanibel type of training along with a few kegs logs and rocks.

    ​Did you have some tips for your followers about training? What is your training routine like?

    About two to three times a week. Typically either a race or some type of a trial run or an obstacle course. A workout once a week usually on weekends, one full recovery day usually on a Sunday and just doing some yoga and things like that.

    A lot of light easy walking or sauna in the mornings.Then I play tennis usually one to two times a week and some other kind of sport usually one to two times a week and that's pretty much.

    I use a lot of minimalist training because I'll spend a lot of day during work just you know on my feet walking on my standing treadmill you know making sure that I don't just sit on my butt in a chair eight hours a day.

    That allows me to get away with a relatively small amount of training relative to a lot of my peers who are of a racing elite or professionally.

    My biggest tip I can give people for training is just that, you know, engage in low-level physical activity all day long then put the icing on the cake with just a little bit of high-intensity interval training.

    At the beginning or at the end of the day you actually need to train a lot less than you think as far as race day.


    What do you do on your race day? What do you eat? How do you warm up? 

    My biggest recommendations are a good warm-up before breakfast. And a very clean easy to digest meal for a longer race. That's usually something like a cup of coffee blended with facts like almond butter coconut oil butter et cetera.

    And sometimes I'll throw things like amino acids in there for shorter days that are more intense and fast, something a little bit more carbohydrate based like one of my favorites is just a sweet potato with a little bit of honey and salt on it.

    I also like to use meal replacement drinks like Ambronite (, is one that I'll do and I'll just mix that with some water, throw some dark chocolate in there or some slices of a banana.

    And typically we'll try to have breakfast finished about two hours before the race starts and then from there until the race begins, just water.

    During the race, usually, I just have been racing with just two things. Number one: OralIV ( I'll take an equivalent of one or like about every hour or so. And then this stuff called Phat fudge which is just the cal not a lot of carbs burns really clean. Kind of more of a fat based source and I'll go through the dough for a long race one of those about every you know 40 to 45 minutes or so.

    So I come out to around, you know 200, calories an hour so something like that.

    Do you wear normal clothes or something specific like compression gear? And what about the most important gear, the shoes?

    As far as clothing I wear compression socks to protect the shins. I wear a good lug enabled or tractioned shoe. The Reebok's all terrains are what I'm wearing now.

    Usually, I don't wear a shirt, I just wear some kind of compression socks or compression pants and then a very simple wrap around belt like a Nathan belt that allows me to for shorter races just to have a little Ziploc bag with an Oral IV.

    And a Phat fudge then for longer races. I can put a water bottle flask in there for the little bit of extra water although I'll usually just use what happens to be on the aid stations.

    But I found that I didn't have the strength, the power, the speed, the skills to do a Spartan Race.

    Ben Greenfield
    Spartan Athlete

    What is your most feared obstacle?

    My most feared obstacle right now because I had Burpee day in the last race is the Painter. For some reason, I've been having a little bit of trouble with that one. So that's one that's probably the most feared obstacle. But you know, I also tend to struggle a little bit with another one called The Twister.Those are probably my two most feared obstacles the Painter and the Twister.

    Other than Spartan Races, do you run other OCR?

    ​I love the heavy sandbags, tires, buckets, things like that. And I really don't race any other OCR other than just foreign races due to limited time.You know, I'm still running a couple of corporations and trying to spend a lot of time with my family. I do train specifically for just about everyone.

    Do you train specifically for each one of the obstacles?

    The obstacles, I'll stop at certain points during the day and do pull ups hang for a certain period of time.I try to amass a lot of time hanging from poles and rings and little things that are just kind of scattered around my house throughout the day.

    And then you know I've got ropes outside that I'll train with, buckets and sandbags, so I try to keep my training relatively sport specific.

    What is your goal regarding the Spartan Race? And for your life?

    My main goal for Spartan Race is to just go out there and have fun and inspire people, do the best that I can and try to help as many people as I can along the way for life.

    I just want to live a limitless life. I want to enjoy all that nature has to offer, all the different adventures and sports and activities that are out there.

    I might not be doing sport in five years, I might be golfing or you know playing, playing and playing more tennis or doing more songs with my guitar.I love to write fiction. I love music. I love theater. So who knows.

    I just love to do just about everything. But it will always, I don't see any time in my life when I won't be dead or won't exercise, I won't spend a lot of time outdoors.

    And when my goals in life are I would love to be able to do a sprint Spartan and an Olympic distance triathlon, either one of those.If I can keep my fitness that elevated to be able to do that that I'm happy.​


    New interview for our blog, and today we go to Mexico!

    We are proud to introduce you the beautiful Elite runner Anna Pau.

    ​Anna, tell us who are you?

    Hi, I'm Anna Paulina Alvarez. A strong and well-balanced woman that see the sport indispensable in her life.​

    ​How did you cross the Spartan Race World?

    It's a bit strange, I was looking for something in my life to get me free, and I said strange because nobody in my family is an athlete but I decided to be one.

    A friend of mine told me about these races a few years ago, I got so engaged that I enrolled in a Spartan Race Sprint immediately and it was the best decision I could have taken since it really makes me completely happy and fills me with freedom.

    Spartan Race helped me realize how strong I can be.

    Anna pau Spartan Race

    When you first stared Spartan Race what did you expect?

    I really hoped to have fun running with friends and that but when I reached the finish line I felt different as if I was really good for this. And I loved it!

    It became a lifestyle, when I did my first Spartan Race, I would never imagine what I could achieve and how much I would like it. All that mud, the adrenaline and that feeling of breathing glory, I wouldn't have it any other way.

    How, where and how much did you train?

    I train as much as I can in the week, 5 to 6 days. I do my weight routine for strength, I work with a personal trainer 2 times a week, run in the parks 3 to 4 times a week and I complete the work with CrossFit.

    Spartan Race helped me realize how strong I can be.

    Anna Pau
    Spartan Race Elite Runner

    Did you have some tips four your followers about training?

    Mainly, set a goal, because everything is in the mind and know that there are no limits to be better every day. It's good to always stretch all the muscles before any workout followed by warm up.

    The rest time is very important to allow your muscles to recover.And train strength, endurance, and distance before any light breakfast workout.

    Anna Pau Spartan Race

    What do you do on your race day? What do you eat? How do you warm up?

    On the day of the race, I wake up early and I'm excited and very motivated.I almost always have to travel one day before the race because running in the elite category, I have to be ready very early, I dress up and prepare for the big day.

    I eat a banana, a portion of protein in a smoothie and a yogurt. Once in the place of the race, I start with my warm up, which includes gentle jogging for at least 10 minutes after stretching muscles to avoid injury and finally strides from 5 to 10.

    Do you wear normal clothes or somethings specific like compression gear? And what about the most important gear, the shoes?

    I wear the last possible clothes ha-ha, a sports shirt or top, and small shorts.

    If I wear compression clothes, my socks or compression stockings can not miss in my attire and from time to time I also use compression sleeves.

    I also use gloves, it is easier for some obstacles. And the shoes that I use are totally for the trail, they fit me perfectly and protect my ankles.​

    What is your most feared obstacle?

    I'm scared of heights, so high obstacles that must be passed quickly are the ones that scare me the most. But I fight my own demons up there and every time I do it I feel better with myself.

    Other than Spartan Races, do you run other OCR?

    My goal this year is to get the qualification to the OCR World Championship. My dream is to go this year to Canada to run my first OCR. In a Spartan Race Beast last year, I classified.

    Now I am waiting for the official Spartan Race Mexico rankings of the last Sprint to see if I am already classified, I hope so.

    Do you train specifically for each one of the obstacles?

    Only for some like the rope, I practice it a lot until I master it and I do a little prehensile force to have more strength in the fingers and hands since for everything you need strength in that zone.

    What is your goal regarding the Spartan Race and your life?

    My goal in Spartan Race is to be able to remain in the top ten elite category and thus continue to make each time a better version of myself in each race.

    Try to beat my own time every time.

    Anna Pau Spartan Race

    And in my life, you can say is to overcome my demons and my fears, those that sometimes want to stop me.

    I overcome myself in all aspects because by feeling good you are a better human being and your actions lead you to good things.My goal in my life is to grow and never stop.​


    Today, 05/02/2017, we have the honor to interview Amber. A Spartan Brand Race Ambassador, but above all, someone who wins.

    She just classified second and first Master Elite at Miami Sprint Weekend.

    So, let's see what we can learn from her!

    How did you cross the Spartan Race world?

    On Christmas 2013, my husband gave me a ticket for the Spartan Sprint in Charlotte that was being held in March 2014. I was so nervous yet excited at the same time! He had wanted to give me a gift that was something we could do and train for together!

    Needless to say, from then on, we started training and became more focused on our fitness regime to conquer that first race. We had an amazing race that day in March 2014 and the rest is history!

    I am honored to have been chosen this year to be a Spartan Race Ambassador and I hope to help spread the word and movement of what Spartan Race can do for anyone and everyone!

    amber gettings klein spartan brand race ambassador

    When you first started Spartan Races what did you expect?

    After receiving my gift, we really looked at videos from previous races to get an idea of what was truly involved with obstacles and such.

    I didn’t know anyone that had run a Spartan before so I didn’t have the amazing Spartan family (as we do now) to rely on for feedback. I just knew I wanted to have a great time, race it with my husband, do my best, train hard for it and cross that finish line!

    Seeing all the amazing faces in the Spartan family is an awesome warm up too!

    Amber Gettings Klein
    Spartan Brand Race Ambassador

    How, where, and how much did you train?

    I train 6 days a week and mixing up my training is definitely key to full body strength and endurance. Spartan Races are not only running, but being able to have a great upper body strength to do heavy carries and other obstacles is as well.

    I do a long HIIT workout usually 2 times a week that usually is a combination of Tababta and AMRAP. I work in sprinting, TRX, body strength movements, agility, and so on. I trail run 2 times a week and also run other days on our Nordictrak Incline Trainer. I also weight lift 2-3 times a week at the gym.

    What I love is that my husband and I have built numerous obstacles to practice on in our garage and back yard. This includes monkey bars, multi rig, rope climb (yes! Into our second story), 9’ wall, and the latest is the Olympus!

    It is important to be able to practice on obstacles in order to work on skill, agility and increase body strength. For those that do not have these in their homes, there are playgrounds and many OCR/”ninja” type facilities being built all around.

    We also work in heavy carry practice with buckets of rocks, wreck bag, sand bags and atlas stones, into our workouts.

    Did you have some tips for your followers about training?

    Mix it up! Don’t get into one specific routine each day or week. Train all parts of your body and don’t be afraid to try new things. Write out a plan for your week if that helps you stick to it. Be disciplined and push yourself. Remember, too, that training isn’t all about working out. It is also about active rest days and eating clean and healthy. Make your body YOUR machine!

    amber gettings klein spartan brand race ambassador

    What do you do on your race day?

    I usually have an active rest day one to two days out prior to a race, depending on the distance. A short distance run a day or so prior is good. It is important to keep the body moving as “motion is lotion”.

    What do you eat?

    On race day, I always eat oatmeal (plain – with just water added) and a banana for breakfast. The night before I usually have chicken breast, brown rice or sweet potato and a green veggie such as brussels sprouts.

    It is important to eat clean and don’t overload the stomach on too much. It is very important to definitely not eat junk food or things you typically would not eat.

    Diet is so important to staying healthy and achieving our physical goals. I try to always eat clean, fresh foods and lately have been really focused on my macros. This helps me know how to really fuel my body the right way for what I want to accomplish.

    How do you warm up? etc.

    On race day, it is important to warm up your body with light jogging and stretching. Warm up for me is also thinking how blessed and lucky I am to be able to compete and feel good.

    I take time to just be silent and take deep breaths for a while, allowing my body to calm and relax. Seeing all the amazing faces in the Spartan family is an awesome warm up too! I love the atmosphere of the venue and it is a great pump to get ready to race!

    Do you wear normal clothes or something specific like compression gear?

    I wear compression gear and have varied it throughout the past couple years. I have tried various brands and such. I love the Reebok/Spartan gear because it is compression, wears well and holds up to the intensity of the sport. To see more of what I like, please visit:

    And what about the most important gear, the shoes?

    Just like gear, I have tried a variety of shoes. In 2016, I dealt with an ongoing knee issue and was directed by three doctors to try HOKA shoes. I know own about 8 pairs of HOKA’s and have pairs specifically for trails, races, and treadmill/road. They have extra support and cushion which has helped with my knee issue.

    The HOKA Speedgoat is my favorite and I have raced my entire 2017 season thus far in them, leading me to 4 podium wins in Master’s Elite! My other favorites are the Salomon Speedcross 4 shoes. Again, they have great support and tread needed for the races.

    amber gettings klein spartan brand race ambassadoramber gettings klein spartan brand race ambassador

    What is your most feared obstacle?

    Currently, the Twister is my nemesis. I have yet to conquer that obstacle but my goal (as with any obstacles) is that I WILL overcome it and crush it one day soon!​

    ​Other than Spartan Races, do you run other OCR?

    I have run a couple other OCR events but my favorite and love has always been in Spartan. I feel like I am part of a family with Spartan and look forward to each event. I do think it is good to venture out and try other races and events. Variety is the spice of life!

    amber gettings klein spartan brand race ambassador

    Do you train specifically for each one of the obstacles?

    As mentioned earlier, we do have many of the obstacles now built at our home. So, I do train specifically for a lot of them.

    What is your goal regarding the Spartan Race? And for your life?

    So far, 2017 has been a great year for me with 4 podium Master’s Elite wins and earning my World Championship coin at the Miami Sprint.

    I plan to continue my focus on training and increase my running speed. I am looking forward to competing in the OCRWC in Canada, as this will be a new event for me, as well as the Spartan Race World Championship in Tahoe.

    Goals for my life…..stay healthy, happy and never stop believing and achieving!

    Instagram - @amberklein7​


    Ladies and gentleman, the next one is a great guest!!

    Heather Gollnick !!

    2016 Spartan Masters World Champion!

    2017 Spartan Pro Team Member​!

    We are really really proud to have you here!

    How did you cross into the Spartan world?

    I first came across Spartan when I was cast to be on Season 1 of NBC’s new show “Spartan ultimate team challenge”, (We'll see her on the Season 2 too).

    My longtime friend applied and talked me into applying as the elite for the team, I made the show and was cast as an elite triathlete, I had raced professionally as a triathlete for 10 years.

    Heather Gollnick Spartan Pro Team Member 2017

    Once I did the TV show and had the Spartan experience I knew this was my next sport. I soon began traveling all over to race with my friends and family.​

    What did you expect?

    I was super nervous my first event as I didn't know for sure what to expect and how to pace myself, would I make the obstacles? How many burpees would I have to do?

    Well, I paced it out ok but did lots of burpees, 180 to be exact! But, I caught the spartan bug, the community of people are so great and I love the races and the atmosphere of OCR.​

    I think specificity is very important, so training the actual obstacles is key.

    Heather Gollnick 
    Spartan Pro Team Member

    How, where, and how much did you train?

    ​I come from an endurance background specializing in the Ironman competitions. (2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run).

    Winning 5 Ironman competitions over a decade career. Coming into OCR my grip strength was basically non-existent and I had to really train it. It is still my weakness and I keep working it!

    I try to train 6 days a week. Fortunately, we rent on a large piece of land and have been able to build our very own obstacle course!

    I think specificity is very important, so training the actual obstacles is key. Why lift heavy weights when you are going to be carrying a bucket or a sandbag, get a bucket fill it with rocks and carry it up the biggest hill. It's also great for conversation when walkers ask what the heck you are doing!

    Train the specific obstacles if you can, we built a “Z wall”, Olympus, Apenhanger, and many more obstacles. I come up with creative ways for the athletes I coach to be able to train with specificity. I coach athletes in person and online and I’m a certified Spartan SGX Coach. Check out for details. Tip for followers about training.

    heather gollnick

    What do you do on race day for most races?

    I take it easy a few days out from the race to feel great for race day! I eat clean and avoid ruff-age for a few days leading up to races. For longer events I do a caffeine de-load (the opposite concept of carbo load).

    I wean off caffeine and then on race day it's like “GO TIME” when I have caffeine in my honey stinger caffeine gels on course, and my a.m. coffee. When I de-load I find the caffeine more effective come race day. The day before the race I like to do a short run 3-4 miles with 4 x 60sec pickups to race pace.

    Warm up?

    I like to get to races early, talk to friends, warm up is really important for me as an older endurance athlete.

    What about gear?

    Being on the Spartan Pro team I sport the reebok gear and Reebok all terrain shoes, love how they drain and hug the walls! For more tips and photos follow me on Instagram:Athlete_Heather_Gollnick.

    Most feared obstacle?

    I used to fear the rig as it took me about half the season before I had the technique down and started to complete it without a penalty, now I have the love-hate relationship with the spear throw, of course I love it when I make it!​

    Other OCR?

    I have done some other OCR racing, mixing it up is fun as the obstacles are different at other races but Spartan has my heart.

    Train specific obstacles each one?

    I train for each and every obstacle. We have built most obstacle in our 36-acre ranch where I now train athletes as an SGX coach. I have been coaching for 20 plus years and love the obstacle specific training.

    Goals for Spartan race and for life?​

    My goals for spartan is to win the Masters World Championship title again in 2017 and keep a balanced life, hoping to inspire others.

    I enjoy coaching newbies as well as experienced athletes and helping others achieves goals, whether it be in person or online.​

    heather gollnick pro team 2017


    Here comes another interview, and this time we are proud to have Jennifer Fisher, U.S. Spartan Brand Race Ambassador, active blogger, mom, and what else?

    Find it out reading!​

    So, tell us who are you?​

     I am Jennifer Fisher, a "healthy chef" who develops recipes for various companies and teaches others (classes, demos, television segments) how to prepare nutritious meals to fuel an active lifestyle.

    I share all this in my food and fitness blog called I am also the mom of 3 teen / young adult boys and will be 50 years old in July 2017! People can also follow me @thefitfork on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.​

    JENNIFER FISCHER the fitfork

    How did you cross the Spartan Race world?

    When I first tried a Spartan two years ago, I had already been an elite runner for more than 20 years, competing in every distance from 1 mile to 50 miles.

    However, running was starting to feel stale and I had lost some of my passion for the sport, I was looking for a new challenge. This year, I am a U.S. Spartan Brand Race Ambassador and I am loving the opportunity to encourage others to take on the challenge!

    When you first started Spartan Races what did you expect?

    I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wasn't too worried -- I felt like I could get through on my endurance and would just deal with the (at the time) unknown obstacles as they showed up! But it was still hard!

    I laughed at the finish and told my husband, "A marathon is predictable, I feel like I'm going to die in the last few miles of the race. In a Spartan, I'm not be running quite as fast, but still feel like I might die at any time, I just don't know how - haha"!

    jennifer fischer spartan stadium 2

    How, where, and how much did you train?

    I run 3 to 4x per week, including one long run and 1-speed workout or tempo run. I do CrossFit 2x per week and also go to a more traditional gym to strength train, work on agility and balance in a way that translates to Spartan obstacles.

    I don't very often get to an obstacle course or ninja gym, but when I do, it's so much fun and I try to do as much as I can before my body gives out!

    ​Did you have some tips for your followers about training? What is your training routine like?

    I would just say, remember to keep it fun and add variety. Many tend to get stuck in a run at the gym, but you need to be adaptable and prepared for anything in a Spartan Race.

    That's one of the things I like about "functional fitness" gyms like CrossFit, the workouts are continually varied and unpredictable and usually hit my strengths and weaknesses at once.

    What do you do on your race day? What do you eat? How do you warm up? etc.

    I typically wake up several hours before, drink coffee and a glass of water and eat oatmeal mixed with a little bit of protein powder -- on top, I'll add honey and some dried fruit.

    I'll often take a pack of those salty orange peanut butter crackers to eat once I get to the venue and am waiting around. My meal the night before is almost always 3 ounces of steak and a sweet potato.

    A marathon is predictable, I feel like I'm going to die in the last few miles of the race. In a Spartan, I'm not be running quite as fast, but still feel like I might die at any time, I just don't know how - haha!!

    Jennifer Fisher
    Spartan Brand Race Ambassador

    Do you wear normal clothes or something specific like compression gear? And what about the most important gear, the shoes?

    My race "uniform" is compression shorts long enough to keep rope burn off my thighs and compression knee socks along with a sponsor triathlon jersey or a bra top, compression sleeves, and The Superior trail shoes from Altra Running. I also like to wear my hair in two braids because it cuts down on the bouncing of a pony tail and does better coming out of the dunk wall.

    What is your most feared obstacle?No so much feared, but my track record on the spear throw is pretty dismal even with practice!

    Other than Spartan Races, do you run other OCR?I only run a couple other than Spartan, however, I do run a lot of traditional road races and compete in the CrossFit Games Open for last 7 years.

    Do you train specifically for each one of the obstacles?

    Not really, I do what I can without getting too worried about it. If I have access to an obstacle or something similar I will practice it and many of the obstacles just come up in my workouts anyway, like rope climbs, tire flips, farmer carry, etc.

    What is your goal regarding the Spartan Race? And for your life?

    I would like to earn a coin to the World Championship this year, but if not, I will have fun trying. I also plan to race in the National Age Group Championship in the 50+ age division this year at the West Virginia Beast.

    jennifer fischer spartan super austin barb wire jen

    My fitness goal for life is just to keep moving forward and trying new things, my personal mantra and hashtag on social media is #keepingfitfun -- I think that is the secret to making it a lifestyle. I plan to be that crazy happy 80-year-old lady still running, lifting, jumping and going for it.​


    The Death Race is the ultimate challenge, designed to present you with the unexpected and the completely insane! Nothing else on earth will challenge you like The Death Race, both mentally and physically.

    This is what claims!

    But Death Race and its site have closed about three years ago, in the summer of 2014.

    Why is it happen?

    Death Race was founded in 2004 by Joseph DeSena and Andrew Weinberg and became the precursor of the Spartan Race. It was a 48-hour endurance event, with trials that went from rolling logs around a track to baling hay for hours.​

    Surely, it was something that changed lives in one way or in another.

    Spartan death race

    So, what happened?

    Abruptly, in July 2014, DeSena announced that he was done with the Death Race. After a few day came the declaration of the co-founder Weinberg, "I want the Death Race to go on forever".

    Well, Death Race is No More.​

    After a few months, DeSena was scheduled to appear in a Massachusetts court to proceed with a lawsuit that he brought against Weinberg and other defendants.​


    We are very, very, very proud to have Milla here with us.

    Thank you, Milla, to have found time to answer our questions.​

    For everybody out there that still don't know her, Milla is Christian Bizzotto's daughter, the owner of a Focused Movement Academy in Miami.

    milla bizzotto spartan race

    A fighter soul Many children get bullied in school, and the majority of them don't find the strength to fight back.

    Not Milla, she is a doer.

    Want to know what she did?

    She became the youngest competitor in the 24-hour Bullfrog challenge.

    She runs Spartan Races and others OCR designed for adults, and she beat them!

    She wanted to be an example for other kids, well, mission accomplished.

    And now... let's talk Milla.

    One tip that I love is to always fall in love with the process of meeting your goal rather than falling in love with the end result.

    Milla Bizzotto
    Spartan Racer
    milla bizzotto spartan race
    How did you cross the Spartan Race world?​

    I crossed into the spartan race world with watching my dad race, I was interested and I tried it out!

    When you first started Spartan Races what did you expect?​

    I expected a challenge and that's what I got!

    How, where, and how much did you train?​

    I train at Focused Movement Academy, 3-4 hours a day 5 days a week with obstacles, running, and, jumping!

    Did you have some tips for your followers about training?​

    One tip that I love is to always fall in love with the process of meeting your goal rather than falling in love with the end result.

    What do you do on your race day? What do you eat? How do you warm up? etc.​

    On race day I warm up with burpees, squats, high knees, animal flow and I eat eggs or pasta!

    Do you wear normal clothes or something specific like compression gear? And what about the most important gear, the shoes?​

    I wear reebok leggings and reebok shoes!

    What is your most feared obstacle?​

    To be honest I don't fear any obstacles!

    Other than Spartan Races, do you run other OCR?​

    Yes, whichever race company will let me race I will race!

    Do you train specifically for each one of the obstacles?​

    No, and it is very important to know that you won't know the race course and obstacles until you finish!

    milla bizzotto spartan race
    What is your goal regarding the Spartan Race? And for your life?​

    I would love to get a trifecta and I would love to finish a worlds toughest mudder race!​


    spartan race interviews and news

    Hello Nichole, first of all, we are really happy to have you here. Before starting our chat, let the reader know that at the moment of this interview, you are in the first 25 in the Spartan Race 2017 Championship!

    ​How did you cross the Spartan Race World?

      Honestly, a few of my “friends” were participating in the races and posting pictures and comments about how much fun they were. I just wanted to be a part of all the fun and excitement, but every time I would ask them about them they would avoid the questions or tell me it was too late to sign up.

    When I finally realized I was intentionally being left out of all the fun I did a little research of my own and decided not only would I compete in theses races I would give it 100% and beat the women who intentionally made it a point to leave me out.

    When you first started Spartan Races what did you expect?

      I really didn’t know what to expect. I think the beauty of the Spartan Races are that they can be as hard or as easy as you make them. I can push myself to the point of exhaustion or I can enjoy a fun race with my teenage daughters, niece, and nephew. They are truly an active adventure for every age and ability.​

    ​How, where, how much did you Train?

      I don’t train for races. I train to create the best version of myself that I possibly can be. I train to be happy and healthy and to gain and build my self-confidence. I started training because my daughter was being bullied and when I took her to a counselor I was informed that my daughter's lack of confidence was a direct reflection of myself.

    I couldn’t understand why both of my daughters didn’t have a lot of confidence. I dressed them in all the latest name brands, I worked in the classrooms, I told them they were smart and beautiful all the time but for some reason, they didn’t see or feel very confident.

    I just wanted them to feel as amazing as I knew they were. My therapist told me that if I wanted to build confidence in my daughters I needed to model it.

    best 6 shoes for spartan race reviewed

    It was at that time that I fell in love with weight lifting, Spartan racing, and Crossfit.Monday-Friday I typically hit the gym at 4:30 am and put in a solid hour of weight lifting or cardio to start my day.

    At lunch time I’ll squeeze in a quick 4-mile run and finally when I close my preschool I hit up the 6:30 pm Crossfit class at Rocklin Crossfit about 4 times a week. On the weekends I enjoy long trail runs or hikes with my girls.​

    nichole root
    Do you have some tips for followers about training?

    My biggest tip would be to have fun. I enjoy group training because I own my own preschool and my training time is my time for adult interaction. Pick something that you want to do so it’s more fun than it is work.

    I try to mix it up a bit and include my children and preschoolers in my training. Take pride in your small accomplishment even if it’s as simple as not missing a morning workout. I also make every effort to put max effort into my training sessions knowing that you get out exactly what you put in.​

    What do you do on your race day? What do you eat? How do you warm up? etc.

    ​I’ve been traveling a lot lately for races so I really just try and make sure I’m hydrated and well rested. I’m very fortunate to be a Total Nutrition Sponsored Athlete.

    They provide awesome products and knowledge about supplements that provide my body the fuel it needs to perform at the best level I can. I usually have a protein shake some BCAAS and glutamine not only on race day but every day. I also enjoy oatmeal or a kind breakfast bar before I race.

    To warm up on race day I do a nice little jog and some stretches. I definitely need to work on my pre-race warm up because it always takes my body at least a mile into the race to feel like it's warmed up and ready to complete. My little legs take a long time to warm up.​

    Do you wear normal clothes or something specific like compression gear? And what about the most important gear, the shoes?

    I’m a huge fan of Hammer Strength Apparel if it’s a no nonsense kind of race where I just wanna kick a lil ass I rely on my Hammer Strength Apparel. I absolutely hate being cold and my HSA has never let me down.

    I also love my Marenasport compression pants and Dgearog gloves on really wet races. Merrell and inov-8 are my favorite shoe to race in. I’m really hard on my shoes though and these ones can surely take a beating.​

    nichole root

    What is your most feared obstacle?

    The Spear is by far my least favorite. I’ve finally found a technique that works pretty well for me but its still touch and go for me. The rig is also known to get the best of me occasionally. I’ve found with both of these, obstacle confidence plays a huge role.​

    Other than Spartan Races, do you run other OCR?

    I really enjoyed the Battle Frog race series and this year I chose Worlds Toughest Mudder as my first Tough Mudder event. I also just completed my first 50K. I would love to compete in other OCRs but there really aren’t that many in my area so I have to travel to these events which makes it a little challenging.

    Our children learn from what we do, not from what we say we are going to do!

    Nichole Root
    Elite Spartan Race
    Do you train specifically for each one of the obstacles?

    I really don’t do obstacle specific training other that the Bucket Carry. I train to feel strong and confident and I run to clear my mind.

    What is your goal regarding the Spartan Race? And for your life?

    My goal regarding the Spartan Races is to remain consistent and race to the best of my ability. I truly believe that we can become and achieve absolutely anything and everything we put our heart and mind to. My children and my business will always be my first priority. In two short years, my daughters will be eighteen and twenty and I will be the fabulous Forty Years young.

    I hope to be able to be a strong master level competitor. At this time and place in my life I am devoting all the time I can to my training but the reality of it is I’m a top ten girl at best.

    This is a hobby for me and I’m proud of my accomplishments and will strive to better myself each and every race but the fact of the matter is that there are some amazing, strong, fast and fierce women racing and I’m just thrilled to be able to chase them.

    nichole root

    My life goal is to inspire women to believe in themselves. When I first became a mother I thought the only way to be a good mom was to always be there. I chose my profession so I wouldn’t miss a minute of my daughter's lives and I never let my poor girls out of my sight.

    I didn’t realize that part of being a good mother was taking care of myself as well. Living a healthy active lifestyle is one of the best things we can do for our children. I’m so glad that I started my fitness journey when I did because in this short amount of time I have watched my daughters grow into more confident, strong and independent young women.

    Our children learn from what we do, not from what we say we are going to do! At the end of the day, I really just want my daughters to know that they are unstoppable and capable of achieving absolutely anything they can imagine. I want to continue to attack every opportunity that comes my way, and live life fearlessly.​


    Timothia Brann

    Hello Timothia, when contacted, you said to us to be flattered. Well, after reading your story, WE are flattered to have you on board.

    Before starting our chat, let the reader know that at the moment of this interview, you are in the first 25 in the Spartan Race 2017 Championship!​

    How did you cross the Spartan Race world?​

    A year ago I started a fitness business with my friend Alisha Lopez. I was bored. I wasn't being pushed hard enough.

    I wanted more and I just couldn't find it. I asked Alisha if she would be open to starting a business with me that would push people to their fitness limits to show them what they were capable of.

    A place where fitness enthusiasts could get comfortable with being uncomfortable to truly see what they are made of. She was hesitant but agreed to take the leap. We knew we didn't want basic equipment.

    The regular stuff you know? We wanted and needed an extra push so we needed to think outside of the box. Obstacles were our answer. We needed ropes and monkey bars and all the goods stuff we played with when we were kids.

    We needed to channel our inner child to help others do the same.We created Rut Camp, Rise Up Training Camp, and quickly Alisha connected with the Spartan world. Spartans wanted to come train at our facility because we had all the "toys" they needed to practice on to help them get better.

    She really introduced me to this world through business. I then said to myself "how can I possibly Coach these Spartans if I haven't done one myself." So I signed up for the Pala Spartan Beast September of 2016 and immediately I was addicted.Spartan Races are run incredibly well.

    The community of people is something you will simply not find anywhere else. Friendly. Tough. Competitive yet inviting and team spirited. Spartans are my people. It has truly become my world.​

    When you first started Spartan Races what did you expect?​

    When I first started racing I expected to learn something new. I have been into fitness and pushing my physical limits since I was a child. This was ground I had never broke before. I was excited to learn so that I could help those who came to my facility to train.

    I had no idea I would enter the world and never turn back. I had no idea I would immediately understand and grasp the extent of this incredible fitness find. It's like nothing else out there. The push, the's truly an addiction that I'm excited to tell everyone about.​

    How, where, and how much did you train?​

    My everyday life is training. I am a mom of two and a half-year-old twins. My life is physical. In all of this, I believe I train. My routine consists of my own classes taught by my incredible coaching staff.

    The workouts are high intensity. They involve being hooked up to a heart rate monitor so you know you're pushing rather than just think it. This is one of my biggest training components.


    The push. I use my heart rate in class to determine whether or. I can give more rather than just thinking I can or can't. I know it. It is if I am ready to stop and I see that I am at a cardio threshold rather than power then I continue. I push through the discomfort and this is the nugget for me.

    This and consistency. I am consistent in my training. I have a schedule and I stick to it.I practice on our obstacles in our classes 5 days a week, I hit heavy weight lifting 3 days and I focus on running 2 days. I double up 2 days as well to eat my endurance.

    The better you are for a longer period of time, the better I believe you are for the short bet distances. The heavier I can lift them the easier the thins that are lighter will be. I also practice, practice, practice my obstacles so I know them inside and out.

    Like brushing my teeth, I don't have to think about it. On the course, I don't have time to think about it so I must know it.I carry 100lb buckets to train for my bucket carry. That way when I get there in a race it feels lighter and therefore I can move faster with it.

    I train with 60lb bags on my back and run up hills so when I hit the sandbag carry in the race I feel like I can move easier.The best training for me perhaps is chasing my twins. They are opposites.

    They don't like to travel in the same direction. It's constant sprinting, carrying, changing direction, climbing, jumping and PLAYING. Just like Spartan races, we play. We must, therefore, play to train.​

    Thank you, Spartan. You change lives in more ways than I bet you realize. I feel that I'm proof of that.

    Timothia Brann
    Elite Spartan Race
    Did you have some tips for your followers about training?

    Fall in love with it. Love the push. Love the discomfort. Welcome it. Know that by it not being easy makes it rewarding. Train to fail and get back up because it's in that, that we grow and truly learn what we are made of. Stay positive. Failure must not be a negative, but a growing experience and growing is always a good thing.

    Push like you've never pushed before because that's when confidence comes. That's when the progress comes. That's when the growth shines, though. You have got to be ok with being in a state of discomfort. There's no better feeling when that beast in you shines through.

    One you never knew existed. There's just nothing better. Is this that makes us better. It's this that makes us great. It's this that makes us the best version of ourself so we can go out there and be the best for those around us.

    Timothia Brann
    What do you do on your race day? What do you eat? How do you warm up? etc.

    I'm a bit superstitious. In high school, I was a competitive soccer player and I always slept with my game socks and cleats on.

    Not much has changed in the last 20 plus years. I paint my pinky nails and toes and thumbnails and big toes hot pink with black claws. It's just what I do.I am also very obsessive about my race prep.

    I wear, eat and have the same routine for every race. I wake up 3 hours before start time. I get ready and then eat my oatmeal and protein powder. 1/2 cup dry steal cut oats cooked with 1 cup of water. Heat on high for 2 minutes.

    Then I add my Isopure Vanilla protein powder and gobble this down about 2 hours before the race starts. I also have two cups of coffee with it.

    I arrive at the venue at least an hour and a half before the race starts. I like to get there early. Not stress. Less traffic. It's quiet. Get used to the air and feel of the venue. An hour out I have a Pure Protein Bar.

    And 15 minutes before the race starts I take off my warm-ups and start getting my body ready. I run about a quarter mile and then do high knees, butt kickers, side shuffle, toy soldiers, hip openers, calf raises, lunge hops and squat jumps. I literally do the same thing every race.

    I don't change it up. Ever.If it's a Super or longer I pack a GU packet with caffeine to have at every 45-minute marker. I also never stop for water. That's a bit weird so I wanted to throw that in there.

    I do my hydration the week of the race and the morning of. If anything I just quench my thirst, but honestly, I can't remember the last time I picked up a water cup during a Spartan Race.​

    Do you wear normal clothes or something specific like compression gear? And what about the most important gear, the shoes?​

    I always wear my business Rise Up Training dry fit top. I cut my tops pretty intensely. Less is more for me when racing. I like dry fit because we get wet.

    I hate sleeves so I always cut them off. I always wear tight shorts or pants that are thin. Again because we get wet I don't like anything heavy.

    I wear Balega socks and never wear anything else. They are short, but again less is more for me. I don't like a lot on my person when racing. More to malfunction and more to annoy me along the way. I just want to go. To race. Not have too much going on.

    I always wear my Spartan Reeboks with my Snap Laces. Shoes for me are the most important. The most critical to a race. If you aren't in the right shoe I believe that's where issues can start. Pain. Discomfort. Unnecessary slipping. Falling.

    We already have obstacles so why add more. You have to be in the right shoe for you. It's different for everyone. You should know right away. The second you out that shoe on and try an obstacle you should know if it's right. The shoe must fit!!!​

    What is your most feared obstacle?​

    Ohhhhh mannnnnn even writing this makes me hungry. The dreaded spear throw for me. It's been my nemesis. I practice and I get better.

    Then I get to the race and I freeze and make silly mistakes like leaving the rope on the wrong side. Not taking my time and rushing the throw. Hitting that spear throw is where it's at for me in any race. You will know every time that I hit it. I scream.

    I throw my fists in the air. I'm silly about it. If I miss it I head to Burpees and I analyze it. I try and learn right away what went wrong so that I can hit it the next time. Oh, the spear. You definitely did not have to ask me that question twice!    (I won't do it!!)

    Timothia Brann
    Other than Spartan Races, do you run other OCR?

    Spartan is my main gig. It's where it's at for me. I always support local OCR events. I like to support my fellow OCR coaches when they host races. I have yet do to a Terrain Race, Tough Mudder, EPIC Series...I just love my Spartan Races.

    I also have the most loving and incredible members. I went through a tough end of 2016. January 2017 they surprised me with the Season Spartan Pass. It honestly changed my life. I travel to race now. I am able to race more. I only did 3 races in 2016.

    So far in 2017, I have done 3 and it's only March. I am blessed by this Spartan Family. They truly treat you like you are a brother, sister, daughter, mother...They are my family. I am forever changed with them in my life. All for the better. All for the best.

    Do you train specifically for each one of the obstacles?

    I do. At our facility, we have almost all of them. The spear, walls, traverse, cargo, Olympus, monkey bars, rig, Hoist, over - under - through and all the equipment needed to train with such as buckets and sandbags. It's what we do. I train the same way I train my members.

    We practice on what we need to get better at. We do master 10 back to back rope climbs to get better at that 1. We master 10 wall climbs to get better at that 1 and so on. We have these insane hills that are our backyard as well. We don't just run them, we run them with sandbags. We have beach field trips we take where we run in the sand and get in the water.

    Again, we train our members to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Therefore I train the same. What I Coach and preach I do.

    What is your goal regarding the Spartan Race? And for your life?

    My goal for Spartan Racing is to spread the love. By getting on that podium I want to be seen and heard. I want more people to have their lives changed in a positive way through Spartan Racing the same way mine has. It's an emotional one for me. I am going through a divorce.

    I have two and a half year old twins. Spartan is a part of all of it but in a good way. I know some may not understand, but hopefully, some will and they will be able to be the best in life because they are true to what makes them happy. My kids make me happy. My business makes me happy. My members make me happy. Spartan Racing makes me happy. This is my truth and I must live it.

    Since starting the process of my divorce I have felt more alive and free. I hit podium for the first time, my first race, after signing my divorce papers. I rushed home to my twins and showed them my back to back 2nd and 3rd place plaques and explained to them that they can do anything. They are capable of anything and must always try. That's all we can really do. Try.

    I also explained that they must be happy and do what makes them happy. This is the only way they will be good for themselves and therefore those around them.Again this is a big question for me at a big turning point in my life.

    My ex might argue that Spartans broke us up. I would argue that Spartans, the community, gave me life. I'm a better mom, a better business owner, and a better competitor because I am doing what I love and being true to myself. I honestly don't know any other way to live.

    The second I made the decision to live what I feel and felt was my true self, mountains moved for me. In a big way. Thank you, Spartan. You change lives in more ways than I bet you realize. I feel that I'm proof of that. As a Spartan mom, I am living that reality.

    With my stretched skin and post pregnancy body that doesn't move and function like it used to, you have shown me that the sky really is the limit as long as you get rid of the excuses. Now I can pass hat on to my members and my kids. For that, I am forever grateful.


    Hello Hallvard Børsheim, welcome on board!!Before starting our chat, let the reader know that at the moment of this interview, you are in the first 25 in the Spartan Race 2017 Championship!

    How did you cross the Spartan Race world?

    To be able to compete in the world championship you have to finish top 5 in an elite wave. I qualified in a race earlier and wanted to see how I would rank against the best in the world

    When you first started Spartan Races what did you expect?

    My first Spartan Race was February 2015 in Dubai. I did my first obstacle race a few months before and did not know what to expect. I tried to read up on the different obstacles but many of them was new and challenging

    Hallvard Børsheim
    How, where, and how much did you train?

    I usually train 6-7 times a week. I work as an Air traffic Controller and has some days which is more challenging to find time. Most of the training is outside, but since I live in Dubai it's quite challenging during the summer. I try to combine running with strength training. I´m trying to find exercises who will help me with the different obstacles.​

    Hallvard Børsheim
    Did you have some tips for your followers about training?​

    To become a better obstacle runner you will have to become a strong runner and also be able to overcome different obstacles. I usually try to simulate running combined with doing different exercises. It's not enough to be a fast runner, you will also have to be fast while being fatigued from jumping/carrying/crawling etc.

    What do you do on your race day? What do you eat? How do you warm up? etc.​

    I usually wake up 2.5-3 hours before the race. Having a big breakfast is important for me, making sure I am not hungry going into the race. Usually, have a snack 30 min before race start. A banana or a protein bar. Depending if it's a short race or a long race, I warm up so I am ready for a quick start.

    Do you wear normal clothes or something specific like compression gear? And what about the most important gear, the shoes?​

    I try to wear as little as possible, light weight. During a race, you will get wet and muddy. Fewer clothes mean less weight. Shoes are very important and I have tried a lot. Now I am using Reebok All terrain Super 3.0 and I think they are the best shoes I have tried.

    I love the feeling standing on the start line. No matter where I look I always think the guy next to me is super fast.

    Hallvard Børsheim 
    Elite Spartan Race
    What is your most feared obstacle?​

    It must be the spear throw. No matter how much I practice it is always different on race day. All other obstacles it's easy to control somehow but spear throw I always find to be tricky.

    Other than Spartan Races, do you run other OCR?​

    I have tried a few different races but I prefer Spartan Race. I think they have the best obstacles and I like the penalty of 30 burpees. No matter how far behind you think you are, it's never over before you cross the finish line.

    Do you train specifically for each one of the obstacles?​

    Yes. I try to include train specifically on the different obstacles I will see in a race. Either a combination of running or just the obstacles.

    What is your goal regarding the Spartan Race? And for your life?​

    I try to be the best I can. I love the feeling standing on the start line. No matter where I look I always think the guy next to me is super fast. I always become nervous before a race but I think that help me to be focused and do my best. I hope I can be healthy and compete many more years. Even if I am turning 37 this year I think I still have some fuel left in the tank.​

    Hallvard Børsheim


    mark batres

    We are proud to have the actual number one in the Spartan Race 2017 Championship! Mark Batres.

    How did you cross the Spartan Race world?​

    I started doing spartan races with my friend who owns a gym. He would see me workout and thought I would be good at it.

    When you first started Spartan Races what did you expect?​

    The first race I ran was a spartan beast. I remember signing up so scared and excited at the same time. I had no idea what I was about to do. My friend had never done one so this was a first for all of us.

    How, where, and how much did you train?

    My background is in competitive running. I've run a 4:12 mile and 2:19:07 marathon. So a lot of my training is running based. I usually run by my house in Upland, CA.

    There are great trails and mountains, the closest one is only a fifteen-minute drive away and gets up to 10,000 ft elevation. Last year I averaged 50 miles a week in running with two weight lifting workouts and two climbing days a week. So far this year I'm averaging 100 miles of running a week, two weight lifting workouts and one climbing day a week.​

    Did you have some tips for your followers about training?

    For training in spartan always have a balance. You will find a weakness that needs work but don't let everything else fall apart. Bring up your weaknesses slowly while maintaining your strengths.​

    What do you do on your race day? What do you eat? How do you warm up? etc.

    On race day I typically eat a piece of toast with peanut butter and a banana. I have a full serving of HYBURST energy drink. Typically eating with at least two hours before race start.Then I drive to the race site. I then do some dynamic stretching, run two miles on flat ground, do some strides, and I'm ready to race.

    Do you wear normal clothes or something specific like compression gear? And what about the most important gear, the shoes?

    I wear compression tights or shorts I wear compression tights or shorts with compression underlining. The most important gear to me is the wristband they give you for the elite heat. I use it to set my hands for the bucket carry, it makes it manageable.

    mark batres
    What is your most feared obstacle?

    I mostly fear the Herc hoist. You never know how heavy it's going to be each day you race.

    Other than Spartan Races, do you run other OCR?

    I've done terrain races, OCR world championships and I'm planning on doing a toughest mudder.

    Do you train specifically for each one of the obstacles?

    I usually do some multi-rig workouts.

    The most important gear to me is the wristband, I use it to set my hands for the bucket carry.

    Mark Batres 
    Elite Spartan Race
    What is your goal regarding the Spartan Race? And for your life?​

    My goal is to one day run a perfect race, where I run as hard as I can with no obstacle failure. My life goal is to help others achieve a life of fitness and wellness. I would like to one day do some coaching and advice in people's pursuit to achieving a healthy lifestyle.​