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5 simple Spartan Race tips for beginner

5 simple Spartan Race tips for beginner

You have bought your first ticket for a Spartan Race, if you aren't an expert athlete already, maybe you are wondering what to do now. Well, this little post "5 simple Spartan Race tips for beginner" will come handy.

Often, excitement and emotion before a race don't help us take the best decisions, that's why we'll give you these 5 really simple tips to calm you down.

1. Get in time

It's really important, the first thing to do is get your race bib. Once done, take a look at the terrain and at the nearby obstacles, doing so you'll be able to calm your nerves and to focus on the most important race aspects.

2. Warm-up

​Make a good warm-up is fundamental, not only it will increase your performance but it will reduce the risk of injury.

Every athlete has his favorite exercises, but there are a few that we highly recommend:

Start with some simple movements (about 2 minutes), just to loosen up the joints.

15-20 minutes of jogging to raise your body temperature.

Then 5-10 minutes of dynamic stretching and some more complex joints movements.

Include some exercise like skipping, high skipping, Russian skipping, jumps etc., give to the muscles more intense stimuli and raise the heartbeat.

Do also strength exercises, but without overwork yourself! Try some burpees, push-ups.

Another useful exercise is to activate your hand muscle, a lot of obstacles need your best grip,
as the Monkey Bar or the Rope.

Make 2 to 5 sprints between 40 and 80 yards.

If you can, try some obstacles.
Here you can find a list of the Spartan Race obstacles and our tips to overcome them).

3. Run with your head

Analyze your strength and your weakness during the race, and don't get carried away from what others racer do.

Sometimes is better, especially if it is your first time, start slow and then increase the pace.

If you already have some experience, try to start faster to arrive first on the obstacles.

In both cases, once choose the strategy, stick to the plan.

On the obstacles, don't rush. Try to save your strength for the final stretch, where you'll find the largest number of obstacles.

4. Hydrate yourself

​Different studies have found a positive correlation between hydration and performance in stress testing. When you can, or better, every few miles, drink.

If it's a long race, like a Beast or Ultra Beast, bring a hydration pack with you.
Some of them, like the Tactical Hydration Pack, are really good and under $100.

The hydration affects directly the plasma volume. The more the plasma volume, the less blood pressure, a better oxygen transportation and a better thermoregulatory capacity.

Have a good hydration is important, but not only on race day, keep it good during all the year.

5. Calm down after race

​After the race, loosen up with a little jogging. Doing so it will help your recovery. Shower with cold water.

The day after the race don't do hard workouts to avoid injuries, do instead light cardio.

​Please, tell us what you think in the comments below!

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