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    Spartan Race vs Rugged Maniac, which is harder?

    This is our attempt to be useful to you, we all run Spartan Races here but that doesn't mean that we can't run other Obstacle Course Races. So why don't take a look at them, are they better or not?

    We will talk about:

    1. A little history, when and who founded it.
    2. Brand strength, is it or it will be a competitor for the Spartan race?
    3. Obstacles and Distances, two important factor to consider.
    4. Users experience and opinions, let's hear from whom already run them.
    5. After race, party? Free beer? There is something for us?
    6. Cost, how much I have to pay?
    7. Conclusions, our modest opinion. Yours could be different and probably better than ours!

    This is the interest in the last 12 months. So far, Rugged Maniac is not a real competitor.

    Rugged Maniac, when it was founded?

    The first Rugged Maniac event was held in Southwick, Massachusetts, and hosted 2,000 race participants. The founder and CEO is Brad Scudder, a former attorney.

    In 2013 Rugged Maniac appeared in Shark Tank Show and settled a deal with Mark Cuban on a $1.75 million investment for 25% of the business. Since then Rugged Maniac has expanded to Canada, increased in sales to $10.5 million.

    In May 2016, American Cancer Society announced an official charity partnership with Rugged Maniac. Creating a fundraising platform in which participants can raise funds exclusively for the society. So far they have raised over $80.000 dollars! Not bad.

    And always in 2016, Men's Health and Women's Health (magazine) announced its partnership with Rugged Races.

    Rugged Maniac brand is solid or it will fall like Battlefrog?

    In 2013, Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race brand had revenues of $4.1 million, 2014 saw revenues of $5.2 million, and 2015 revenues grew to $8.5 million. Obviously, Shark Tank played a big role in this grow.

    To compete with the others OCR, Rugged Maniac has implemented a new series of obstacles like “Antigravity” – a trampoline obstacle, it’s a constant arms race in this industry to have the best and biggest obstacles. Read the complete interview on

    Distance and Obstacle differences between Spartan Race and Rugged Maniacs

    Rugged Maniacs Distance:

    3.1 miles with 25 obstacles

    Spartan Race Distance:

    Sprint: 3+ miles with 20 obstacles

    Super: 8+ miles with 25 obstacles​

    Beast: 12+ miles with 30 obstacles​

    Ultra Beast: 26+ miles with 60 obstacles​

    Hurricane Heat: 3 or 4 hours​

    Hurricane Heat 12 Hours

    When it comes to choices, Spartan Race win by a landslide.

    And if you want to know which are the hardest Spartan Race course take a look here.

    Experience and opinions from runners of both races

    In terms of length, if you are able to end a Spartan Sprint, you'll have no problems. Because of the high number of obstacles in such a short distance, you'll be running maybe 1/2 of a mile.

    The Rugged Maniacs obstacles don't require a lot of upper body strength. Some of them are very different and more "fun-oriented" from the ones you find at the Spartan Races.

    Furthermore, you can skip them if you aren't able to overcome them.

    One of the first rules for Rugged Maniacs is "mud everywhere", at the end of the race you'll find it in every corner of your body! You'll need great footwear gear to help you in the race.

    A BIG difference with a Spartan Race is that at a Rugged Maniacs event you'll see a lot of people walking between the obstacles. The majority of them is not there to run but only to have fun challenging the obstacles.

    What happens when the race end? What do I can do?

    Ones of the Rugged Maniacs' slogan is "WE'RE MORE THAN JUST A MUD RUN". And it is true, there will be a party, mechanical bulls, pie-eating challenges and stein-hoisting contests, and a DJ on the main stage.

    A Spartan Race instead, is a race. So after the event, most of the people go back to their home/hotels to rest.

    How much will it cost you?

    Rugged Maniacs cost vary from $48 - $119 (per person), all inclusive.

    Spartan Race cost vary from $79 - $134 (per person)

    So, in conclusion, who is the best between Spartan Race and Rugged Maniacs?​

    In our opinion, the battle Spartan Race vs Rugged Maniacs doesn't have a real winner. They target two different type of customer, the competitive runner and who run for fun.

    That doesn't mean that you can't run both races, it depends on what your goal. Do you want to have fun? Maybe you want to introduce some of your friends in the OCR's world.

    If so, take them to a Rugged Maniacs, they won't run a lot, in fact, they will have a lot of fun challenging the obstacles. There is no penalty if you fail them (no burpee here) and the after-race is a big party.

    But if you are in the mood to compete with others, to beat your last record, to RACE. Then do a Spartan Race.​