Spartan Race Weekly Roundup

    spartan race weekly roundup

    Welcome to the Spartan Race Weekly Roundup.

    I know. You don't have time to surf the net.

    Throughout the week you work, you train, and on the weekend you race.

    Good! Keep up!

    That's why we'll find the best articles of the week related to the Spartan Race​ for you.

    Every week. (I promise, I'll try)

    Week four and five, July 24th - August 6th

    I have never read a good race review, until now!​ This one is so funny and well written!

    This article is very useful, never attempt to run a race if your body isn't trained to do it. Or face the consequences!​

    ant to know how to win a Spartan Race? Take a look here.​

    Week three and four, July 9th - July 23th

    For all of you Spartans and fathers, read this article written by a child, and next time bring your sons with you racing.

    Friedreich's Ataxia pacient complete a Spartan Race. Always very inspirational stories.

    This guy needs our help to participate in a Spartan Race, go help him!​

    Week two, July 2nd - July 8th

    Who doesn't know Hobie and his quality? Ok, this article was written in May, but I found it yesterday 🙂 Hope you like it.

    A great review of the Chicago Super 2017 made by ORM.

    Week one, June 25th - July 1st

    The emotional story of Heather Arseneau, that took control of her life racing.

    A mid-life guy struggling and training for his first Spartan Race. Why don't you give him some tip 🙂

    See how Tiffany Gambill (affected by a rare disease), with a little help run her Spartan Race! 

    A classic review of the Tuxedo Sprint 2017. Thanks to OCRAddict.

    That's all for this week, see you next Sunday.