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Spartan Week - a fitness vacation

Spartan Week

As you know, Spartan Race has its own branded “SGX” coaches, with an extensive calendar of one-day public group Spartan Workouts.

Or the more specialized one-day Spartan Obstacle Specialist workshops.​

The last one to help Spartans to overcome various types of obstacles.

And now Spartan Race has just opened the first branded Spartan Gym at Florida’s 1 Hotel South Beach.

This gym not only has the classic fitness club equipment, but it has also specific Spartan Race's training tools like rope wall, monkey bars and a lot more.

SGX certified coaches will give training classes to hotel guests.

But if you are a hardcore obstacle racer, there will be the "Spartan Week", an eight-day sessions.

There will be 5 of these Spartan Weeks with first one to be held at the South Beach hotel starting next month. Precisely on May 14 to 21, 2017.

The program includes top Spartan instructors, like Joe DiStefano, Spartan-approved dining options and social events.

The classes will be design to enhance strength and endurance, using typical obstacle-style training tools, ropes, nets, sandbags, and more.

Circuit training, obstacle visualization, yoga, and one class that mixes in ocean swimming with running.

The eight-day weeks feature six full training days, and there is also a shorter “Weekend Warrior” option that starts on Thursday.


The Weekend Warrior including three nights lodging, start at $1,500.

The Spartan Weeks, seven nights package currently has rates from $358 per person per night.​

The full daily schedule and the other planned Spartan Week dates are available here.​

Source: Forbes​

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