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What are burpees?
A complete guide to properly perform this exercise

In the latest years, with the growing of the Spartan Race, the burpees have seen an increase in the web searches.

As you can easily see in the below graph. So much that people have started googling "spartan burpees".

Becoming the official penalty in Spartan Races, the burpee has grown in popularity.

what are burpees
burpees trends

The Burpee was created in the 1930s for American physiologist Royal H. Burpee. He developed this exercise as a test, a part of his PhD thesis, to quickly estimate fitness level.

Burpees earned their first spotlight thanks to the United States Armed Services who utilized them to assess the fitness level of recruits for the WWII.

Before diving in the article, let's look at what you will learn today.

  • Burpee Workout
  • Burpees Variations
  • How many calories do Burpees burn​​​​​
  • Burpee Challenge
  • Burpee World Record

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Burpee Workout


The exercise is very simple.
Begin in a standing position.
Drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground.
Kick your feet back into a plank position, while keeping your arms extended.
Immediately return your feet to the squat position.
Stand up from the squat position.

Scroll down to see a video for the perfect Burpee.

The Burpee works on every part of your body, arms, back, chest, core, glutes, and legs. That's why you can found it in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.

All that will improve your health, strength, endurance, your body won't be the same.

Keep in mind that Burpees are not easy, they will test you. And the best thing is that you can do them wherever you want because they don't need equipment.

The perfect Burpee

Look at the exercise and not at the girl!

Burpees Variations

  1.  Half Burpee. The half burpee is simply a burpee without a push-up.
  2. Double Burpee, Just like a normal burpee, BUT each step is performed twice.
  3. Box Jump Burpee, Use a bench, table, stepper or box (like above) and set to a height you feel comfortable with. Instead of finishing with a squat jump, end the burpee with a box jump.
  4.  Box Jump Over Burpee, Use a bench, table, stepper or box (like above) and set to a height you feel comfortable with. Instead of finishing with a squat jump, end the burpee with a jumping OVER a box or other item. Talk about power!
  5.  Candlestick Burpee, Complete a candlestick by rolling back and pushing toes to the sky. Use core to roll forward and place hands in front of you. Complete the burpee like normal.
  6. Kettlebell Deadlift Burpee, Grab a pair of kettlebells (or dumbbells). Complete the first part of the burpee with hands on the weights, keeping the core extra tight. Thrust to standing and keeping back straight, head up, complete a deadlift.
  7. Deadman Burpee, Lower all the way on to the ground. Use your core and arms to lower down in one straight line. And push-up off the ground the same way. Avoid “rolling” up or down.
  8. Twister Burpee, Complete a burpee, at the jump, complete a 180-degree turn and go straight to the next rep.
  9. Donkey Kick Burpee, Instead of a push-up, complete a solid donkey kick jump. Land softly and jump to the sky as high as possible before repeating.
  10. Lateral Jump Burpee, Stand beside a bar. At the end, jump laterally over it and quickly go straight into the next rep.
  11. Long Jump Burpee, The burpee stays the same, all the way through. After finishing with the squat jump, complete a lunge jump on each leg.
  12. Steelbell Burpee, Grab a SteelBell (or sandbell) and perform the entire burpee, while going into the squat jump, simultaneously pick up the bell, lift to overhead and THROW it down!
  13. 1-leg Burpee, Complete the entire Burpee on ONE leg.
  14. Pull-Up Burpee, At the end of a burpee, grab a pull-up bar and go straight into a pull-up.
  15. Tuck Jump Burpee, At the end of a burpee, jump up while pulling your knees up as high as possible into a tucked position.
  16. Traveling Burpee, At the end of a burpee, up and out as far as possible. And repeat straight back into the next burpee.
  17. Star Jump Burpee, At the end of a burpee, complete the awesome and fun star jump! Make sure to land as softly as possible.
  18. Uneven Burpee, You can use a barbell, kettlebell or even a book for this variation. Just make sure to put more of your weight on the grounded hand.
  19. Plyo Pushup Burpee, Talk about a challenge! Take your pushup up a notch by adding a clap or a bounce!
  20. 8 Count Burpee, If a burpee could be a dance, this would be it’s signature move. Complete a normal burpee with a plank jack to take it up to an 8 piece move.
  21. Up Down Burpee, A break from push-ups! Instead of a push-up, try a plank up down for something new.
  22. Decline Burpee, Use a chair, a box, whatever you want to do a reverse thruster and a decline push-up. Holy heck, tell me they aren’t awesome!
  23. Lizard Burpee, Let’s change up the push-up variation… with the lizard. Do a lizard push-up then just (or step) your hands to repeat with the other side before completing the burpee.
  24. Gorilla Shuffle Burpee, For this, do the first part of a burpee, then 3 gorilla shuffles then finish the burpee with the jump up and repeat going back the way you came!
  25. Mt Climb Burpee, Adding more movement with mountain climbers! Add in 5 mt climbers to every burpee.
  26. Divebomber Burpee, Instead of a traditional push-up, push those hips back and try a divebomber!
  27. Rollover Burpee, Get ready to burn the abs a bit. Complete a full rollover (with a slight pause at each section) before jumping up to complete your burpee.
  28. Mankmakers Burpee, Some love them, some hate them but we can all agree that manmakers are awesome. A thruster, push-up, row, thruster, curl and press all in one move? Yup.

Credits for this list to Lifting Revolution, you'll also find video on how-to do all the variations.

Squat Thrust vs Burpee

They are almost identical, but the Burpee adds a jump at the end of the movement.

Burpee Challenge

The 30-Day Burpee Challengeading Here

Complete the follow burpees for each day. On day one, do your two minutes test.

Day 1 Max number in 2min (test)
Day 2 25% of test every 2min, complete 4 times
Day 3 25% of test every 2min, complete 5 times
Day 4 50 burpees for time (as quickly as possible)
Day 5 1 burpee every 10sec for 5min
Day 6 Rest day (or complete any days missed)
Day 7 50% of test then rest 2min, complete 3 times
Day 8 10 burpees for time, rest 2min, complete 3 times
Day 9 25% of test every 90sec, complete 4 times
Day 10 60 burpees for time
Day 11 Rest day (or complete any days missed)
Day 12 15 burpees for time, rest 3min, complete 3 times
Day 13 25% of test every 2min, complete 5 times
Day 14 20 burpees for time
Day 15 Ascending burpees (1st minute, 1 burpee; 2nd min, 2 burpees; etc.) to failure
Day 16 Rest day (or complete any days missed)
Day 17 Max burpees in 60sec
Day 18 15 burpees, rest 60sec, complete 5 times
Day 19 25% of test every 2min, complete 4 times
Day 20 60 burpees for time
Day 21 Rest day (or complete any days missed)
Day 22 15 burpees for time, rest 3min, complete 3 times
Day 23 Tabata burpees: 20sec all out, 10sec rest, complete 8 times
Day 24 Rest day (or complete any days missed)
Day 25 50 burpees for time (go quicker than day 4)
Day 26 5 burpees every minute for 10min
Day 27 25% (of test) every 2min, complete 4 times
Day 28 Rest day (or complete any days missed)
Day 29 20 burpees, 1 every 10sec
Day 30 Retest max number of burpees in 2min

Credits for the 30 days challenge goes to Coach Mag

The 100-days challenge

Do 100 Burpees as quickly as you can. If you can stay under the 10 minutes, it will be awesome!

Burpee tips to follow

Ankles, knees, and wrists will be stressed, so is extremely important that you warm up before. Do some press-ups, squats, to loosen up the joints.

The Burpee consist of two movements, start doing them separately and then combine them in a more fluid act.

During the squat step, make sure your shoulders are directly over your hands, and your legs are extended into a press-up position. When jumping your feet in and out, keep your shoulders above your hands – don't let them move backward or forward.”

When jumping swing your arms forwards and above for maximum height.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Skipping Steps
Don't make the burpee easier skipping some steps, instead, rest and start again.

Contract Your Core
During the plank stage put your shoulders parallel to your wrists. Try not to arch the back.

Reps For Days
As for every workout, don't rest for days, or you won't benefit from the exercise.

How many calories do burpees burn?

According to Just-Health.net the calories burned doing burpees are 10 every one-minute straight.

Burpee world record - At 4 pm on May 17, 2014, in Greenwood, SC, Cameron Dorn broke two burpee world records: the most burpees performed in 12 hours with 5,657 and the most burpees completed in 24 hours with 10,105.

And you? How do you do burpees? What do you think of this post?

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